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Madjid Bougherra – Algerian Football Star

As one of the top and most sought after football players, Madjid Bougherra has proven to be a rising star in the world of international football. He is known for his diversity as he is able to be a midfielder as well as a defender, and while playing for the national team of Algeria, he also plays for the Rangers. His parents, both Algerian, made the decision to move France, as many other Algerians were doing at the time, with Bougherra's mother giving birth to him in Longvic on 7 October 1982.

The Bougherra family did not stay in Longvic very long, moving to Dijon and resided in the Fountaine d'Ouche suburb, as there was an unsaid disapproval for immigrants of North African descent in France. His father was not able to provide a lavish lifestyle, but the children did not lack anything, and he ensured that they received the best education he was able to afford. Learning how to play football in the streets, with his father, the combination of football talent and being able to attend college changed his life. Madjid Baugherre played for AS Quetigny in the year 1999, and then moved over to Guengnon in 2002. In 2006 Bougherra found himself on the Crewe Alexandra club team, which is an English First Division team, and Charles Collymore, his agent, was instrumental in getting him on the team. Supporters called for Bougherra to be made a permanent player on the team after he delivered spectacular performances, but Bougherra confirmed that he would move on after his loan period was over. He did however get the opportunity to be seen while with Crewe, and was approached by Sheffield Wednesday, a Premier League club, with a permanent team position proposal.

Numerous clubs showed interest in Bougherra during his season with Sheffield Wednesday, and on 21 July 2008, he signed a four year deal with the Rangers for £2.5 million. His debut match for the Rangers was made on 9 August 2008, and he created a winning partnership with David Weir. Today, Madjid Bougherra is still with the Rangers, being a part of the team when they won the 2009 and 2010 Scottish Premier League. His talents have also been vital to the national football team of Algeria, enjoying a fourth place in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations. Madjid Bougerra is a magnificent Algerian football player, never forgetting his heritage, while make a name for himself on the international stage.


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Rachida Djebel - 2011-06-09 13:39:41

Ummmm, the first problem seems to be that Magic's surname is misspelled...the spelling is: BOUGHERRA. Please correct as soon as possible. I'm sure Boughi would appreicate that, as well as the others of us who have followed this marvelous young man's adventures throughout the years. Boughi is a one-of-a-kind example of the best of Algeria: he has pursued his dreams, honed his skills and talents, and garnered respect throughout the world. And all of this while being low-key, soft-spoken and modest to a fault. Aside from his football skills, Boughi has been one of the Fennecs' and Algeria's best ambassadors, and has been named UN Ambassador (UNICEF) represeentiing Algeria. He has also received the Ballon d'Or from Algeria 2 years in a row, was Arab footballer of the year twice, has just helped the Glasgow Rangers retain their SPL Championship for the third year in a row, and is on the SFA team of 2011 as defender (center back) for the third year in a row. And always Boughi carries the flag of Algeria onto the pitch after the Rangers' games-to everyone's delight-whether Scot or Algerian or some other nationality. No matter where our Boughi is-on or off the pitch-he always gives 100% to whatever the task is at hand, including his pursuit of his Magic Football Academy so that children can have the chance to be educated in football as well as scholastically. And, what the blogger forgot to emphasize: Boughi CHOSE to play for the Fennecs rather than for the French National Team.

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