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    Brazilian construction company Andrade Gutierrez wins tender for Oran airport runway

    São Paulo - Construction company Andrade Gutierrez has just won one more contract in Algeria. Approximately 10 days ago, the Brazilian company was announced as the winner of a tender for the construction of a new runway in Oran Airport, located on the coast of the Mediterranean, west of the country's capital, Algiers.

    The estimated value of the construction is 20,000 euros, according to the company. "The construction is not large, but is important to consolidate our presence in that country," stated the foreign relations director at Andrade Gutierrez, Flávio Machado Filho. Oran is the second largest city in Algeria. With a population of around 650,000 inhabitants, it is an important industrial, cultural and educational centre.

    The work in Oran airport is the second contract won by the company in Algeria. The first, announced in January this year, was for the construction of a dam in the province of Jijel, in the northern region pf the country. The project is evaluated at 25 million euros.

    The bet on the Algerian and North African market is so large that the company recently opened an office in Algiers. The office has a workforce of four Brazilians as well as some Algerians. The company is also participating in other tenders. "We are participating in various tenders, mainly in the port and highway sectors, and we have great expectations for success in some of them," stated Machado....

    .....The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Algeria, according to figures supplied by the government of the country, has reached US$ 102.2 billion in 2005 (estimated value). Exports reached US$ 42.1 billion last year, with oil answering to the greatest share, and imports of US$ 20.3 billion.

    Algeria is the main Brazilian supplier among the Arab countries. In 2005, Algerian sales to the Brazilian market totalled US$ 2.8 billion, against US$ 384 million in exports from Brazil to the Arab country.

    Construction company Andrade Gutierrez wins new tender in Algeria

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    São Paulo - As well as having recently won a contract to build a new runway in the airport in Oran, west of the capital city Algiers, the Brazilian construction company Andrade Gutierrez is currently participating in another three tenders in Algeria. The bids are for renovation works in the ports of Oran and Kristel (also in Oran) and the naval base of Oran.

    "These are projects evaluated in 125 million euros," said Clovis Martines, director at Zagope, a subsidiary of Andrade Gutierrez in Portugal and who cares for the company's business in Africa.

    But it doesn't stop there. Andrade Gutierrez, which in January had already won a tender to build a dam in the Arab country, is going to present in July another two projects for tenders related to the port sector: one referring to the Port of Bejaia, to the east of Algiers, and another for a second building work in the Oran naval base. These are contracts estimated in 100 million euros, according to Martines.

    And the company goes even further. On top of this, in July they are planning on showing their projects in two tenders for large-sized road construction. Andrade Gutierrez has already participated this year, through Zagope, in a competition for the construction of a highway in Algeria. This process, that involves a road that cuts the country from east to west was won, however, by companies from Japan and China.

    With the additional income from the increase in oil prices, by far the main export product in Algeria, local government has been carrying out a series of infrastructure works. The five-year plan presented by president Abdelaziz Bouteflika foresees investments of US$ 60 billion in sectors considered essential. Eyeing this market, Andrade Gutierrez recently opened an office in Algiers.

    The company considers the work in the Oran Airport an important step in winning the Algerian market. "Oran is one of the fastest growing cities in Algeria," said Martines. The company is going to expand the existing landing runway in 600 metres and build a new one that's three kilometres long.

    Andrade Gutierrez is going to work in partnership with a local company, Enterprise Sahraoui, which has a participation of 10% in the contract. " We always try to associate to a local partner. It makes sense to involve somebody from the region. In this case the company is in Oran, has equipments for the building works and knowledge on the place," remarked Martines.

    Construction company Andrade Gutierrez seeks new contracts in Algeria

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    Blue granite is a hit with the Arabs

    São Paulo - When he founded his company, Ferraz Brasil, Marcelo Ferraz had the aim of selling granites and marbles to the internal market. This was in 1988. With the depreciation of the currency at the time, Ferraz amounted a lot of debts and realised that, in that moment, exports were more worth it. The change in focus not only paid the debts, but also made the company grow.

    "Today, I can say that I'm a great exporter. Even because I am 1.90 metre tall," jokes the owner of Ferraz Brasil, which is located in the southeastern Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Of the entire production, 97% is exported, and the North American market is the greatest buyer. So much that the company's website is in English.

    Four years ago the company started selling to the Arabs. Everything started when Ferraz participated in a fair in the sector in Dubai, in 2002. From then onwards, business with the Arabs just grew. Today, he sells not only to the United Arab Emirates, but also to Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Kuwait. In the next few months, he should sign with Tunisia. In some countries, like Algeria, Ferraz counts on a representative. To the Emirates, on the other hand, sales are made directly. Algeria is the greatest buyer in volume, and the Arab Emirates, in value.

    Of the 42 different types of granite offered by the company, the ones most bought by the Arabs are the yellow, green and blue granites - the latter one of the most appreciated kinds, since there are only two mines of blue granite in the world. One of them is in Bahia, state in the Northeast of Brazil, and its commercialisation is done exclusively by Ferraz Brasil.

    Sales to the Arab countries represent something around 10% of the company's exports. "There is still a lot of growing space. But for such, we would have to do careful work to know the market better. Today, we work directly with the distributor who buys in great volumes. To sell products of higher added value, we would have to know who works with the final product, like the architects and the designers," explains the owner of the company.

    This year, during the Vitória Stone Fair, trade show that takes place annually in the capital city of Espírito Santo, Vitória, Ferraz Brasil launched a new marketing strategy to sell their rocks: they lapidated the granites and, with them, made jewels. "It was a way of showing that there are many possibilities for the granite. When you see a crude piece, large, you don't stop to think that it is possible to do incredible things from it," says Ferraz. The marketing action may become a branch in the company, but the strategy is still being studied by the owner.


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    Brazilian construction companies participate in Trade Fair, Algiers

    São Paulo - Brazilian construction companies Norberto Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez are going to participate in the fourth edition of the International Public Works and Construction Trade Fair (SITP), which begins today (28) and ends on Thursday in Algiers, the capital of the Arab country. They have their eye on a billion dollar market. According to the Algerian minister of Public Works, Amar Ghoul, at the fair alone the projects to be presented total US$ 23 billion.

    Andrade Gutierrez will be represented by its Portuguese subsidiary, Zagope. According to the company's commercial manager in Algeria, Djilali Mousserati, the idea is to show the works executed by the company in Algeria, in other countries in Africa and in Europe.

    The construction company has already won two tenders in Algeria this year, one to build a dam in Jijel province, in the northeast of the country, and another for the construction of a new runway at Oran airport, on the coast of the Mediterranean, west of Algiers. According to Mousserati, Andrade Gutierrez is currently participating in a series of other tenders for public works, through Zagope.

    Odebrecht also wants to show what it is capable of doing. The company currently has no works in Algeria, but operates in the Arab world. Odebrecht is participating in the construction of the second runway of Abu Dhabi International Airport, in the United Arab Emirates, and in the second phase of the construction of a port in Djibouti, a small Arab country located in the Horn of Africa. In the latter case, the Brazilian construction company was hired by DP World, the port terminal operator that belongs to the government of Dubai. Odebrecht has also operated in works in Kuwait and Iraq.

    According to information supplied by the SITP organizers, 160 exhibitors, being 56 foreign, are going to participate in the fair. According to news agency Algérie Presse Service (APS), apart from Brazil, companies from countries like France, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany, England, Egypt, China, Japan and Portugal will also be present. Zagope is considered a Portuguese company.

    The event will be turned to eight main segments: studies, achievements, technical infrastructures, equipment, modern technologies, building material, training, management and exploitation of infrastructure.

    Of the 104 Algerian companies to exhibit, 71 are private. The fair is gong to take place in an area of around 4,500 square metres. Still, according to APS, minister Amar Ghoul stated that the works to be presented are considered priority by the government of Algeria, among them 2,000 projects relative to roads, 500 to technical port and airport infrastructures and 150 technical studies.

    With large volumes of funds from oil exports, the government of Algeria launched a five year plan (2005-2009) which forecasted investment of US$ 60 billion in sectors considered essential, among them infrastructure, habitation, health and education. The areas of infrastructure and habitation should receive half of this value.


    Located in North Africa, Algeria is the second greatest Brazilian supplier of oil, losing only to Nigeria. The country has in the oil industry its main source of revenues. According to information supplied by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Algeria reached US$ 90.6 billion last year. The population of the country is 32.8 million inhabitants.

    Exports from Algeria to Brazil totalled US$ 1.8 billion between January and October this year. Apart from oil, Brazil also imported naphtha, liquefied propane and phosphates. On the other hand, shipments of Brazilian products to the Arab country generated US$ 383.6 million, with the main products in the trade basket being sugar, cattle beef, soy oil, pipes for oil pipelines, vehicles and tractors. These figures were supplied by the federal government Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex).

    Brazilian construction companies participate in 4th International Public Works and Construction Trade Fair, Algiers

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    Algerian opens factory with Brazilian machinery

    São Paulo - Algeria is going to start producing potato chips with Brazilian machinery. Algerian businessman Makhloufi Hamid, who visited the offices of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce on Friday (23), said to ANBA that up to the end of the month of April food sector industry Spidor, in the city of Bordj Bou Arreridj, is going to be in operation.

    The Algerian factory is initially going to have a complete line for the production and packing of potato chips. The equipment, made by the Brazilian Machinery Industry (Inbramaq), from the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo, has a capacity for production of 50 kilograms of potato chips per hour and costs between US$ 65,000 and US$ 68,000.

    According to Maria de Lourdes Melo, the commercial director of Food and Machine Import and Export, a company connected to Inbramaq, the production line includes varied equipment: an extruder, which shapes the potatoes, a dryer, seasoning machinery and packing equipment. "The production line is for a complete small factory," he said.

    The Algerian businessman learnt about the company on the Internet. "I did a price search on various sites and found the prices of the Brazilian company the most competitive," said Hamid, who came to visit the Brazilian company. According to him, the equipment should arrive in Algeria at the end of March.

    In the beginning the Algerian factory is going to employ 15 people and the potatoes will be traded under brand Magic, being sold only in the country. Apart from visiting the installations of the Brazilian company, Hamid is considering closing another order with Food and Machine. "I want to see another machine that produces a larger volume," he said.

    Company Spidor is not the first business run by the Algerian executive. Hamid has been running a chocolate-coated biscuit factory, Biscolati, for ten years. The factory currently produces four tonnes a day. It employs 60 people and exports around 5% of production to Libya and Mauritania.

    Part of the raw material for production of biscuits, like the starch, aromatic essences and cocoa, is imported from Europe.

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    More Brazilian shoe inputs in North Africa

    The Brazilian shoe components industry wants to intensify its operations in the region. The consultant at the Brazilian Association of Shoe and Leather Components Industries (Assintecal), Daniel Schnorr, is going to represent eight companies in the sector on a mission that the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce will promote to Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt late this month...

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    Southern Brazilian capital seeks good relations with Arabs

    May 10, 2007 -- Curitiba - The southern Brazilian city of Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná, and the Arab countries have many common interests, which opens up important possibilities of exchange in the economic, cultural and urbanistic fields. This was the theme of a meeting between the mayor of the city, Carlos Alberto Richa, and the delegation comprised of 11 Arab ambassadors and diplomats, held this Thursday (10), at Palácio 29 de Março, seat of the government of Curitiba. The group's visit is aimed at strengthening economic, cultural and political ties with the state of Paraná, as part of a strategy for broadening relations with Brazil.

    "Curitiba is currently very well regarded in the international realm for its urban planning, collective transportation, preservation of the environment, and economic development," said the mayor, whose family is from the city of Al Baida, located in the Hama region, in Syria. "I am working to establish good relations with the Arab countries, which will be very productive both to Curitiba and the Arab countries that you represent," he stated.

    The secretary general and Foreign Trade director at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Michel Alaby, has a positive outlook on the business perspectives that open up with the ever-increasing contact between Arab businessmen and the state of Paraná. "We know that Paraná has a diversified economy, and we believe that the Arab countries might have good purchase and investment opportunities here," said Alaby, who is accompanying the delegation.

    Richa invited the Arab businessmen to become members of Tecnoparque (Technopark), a strategic program aimed at the development of the city, which will receive innovative, knowledge-intensive companies, promoting synergy between educational, research, and technological service-provider institutions. The mayor also recalled that the HSBC bank elected the city as one of the three global centres for development of new technologies. The other two are in China and India.

    "We want to strengthen the partnerships that we already have, and to establish new ones, including new partnerships between cities (brother cities)," said Richa. He underscored the fact that the city is constantly visited by technicians, politicians, managers and businessmen from all over the world. Last year alone, including business missions, technical visits, and tourism, approximately two million people came to the capital of Paraná, he claimed.

    Speaking for the other diplomats in attendance, the Syrian ambassador, Ali Diab, said: "the importance of the city of Curitiba attracted our attention, therefore we decided to pay a visit." He claimed that "Brazil and the Arab world have a lot in common, and these visits are aimed at strengthening our exchange in the economic, cultural and political sectors."

    Diab highlighted the outstanding presence of the Arab colony in Brazil. "One of those things that we have in common is our colony, which represents approximately 10% of the Brazilian population." Besides, Brazil and the Arab countries share the same causes, said the diplomat, "namely to defend justice and those victimized by wrongdoings of the forces that struggle to prevail in our world." He recalled that the delegation's visit to Curitiba is one of the results of the Summit of South American-Arab Countries, held in May 2005, in Brazil.

    The visit of the Arab ambassadors to the capital of Paraná began last Wednesday evening (09), when the group arrived in town. In addition to the Syrian ambassador, also visiting Curitiba are ambassadors Yousuf Al-Usaimi (United Arab Emirates), Walid Al-Kandari (Kuwait), Rahamtallah Mohamed Osman (Sudan), Zouheir Allagui (Tunisia), M'hamed Achache (Algeria), Ramez Goussous (Jordan), Farida Jaïdi (Morocco) and the business representatives at the embassies of Iraq, Sabah Al-Wali, Libya, Matoug Aborawi, and Egypt, Ihab Ahmed. Also visiting the city is Mahmoud El-Souri, representing the League of Arab States.

    On Thursday, in addition to visiting the mayor, the delegation met the president of the Legislative Assembly, Nelson Justus, and the president of the Court of Justice, judge José Antônio Vidal Coelho. Also attending the meetings were the honorary consul of Syria in Curitiba, Abdo Habage, and the director of the Arab Brazilian Chamber in the capital of Paraná, Kamal David Curi.

    The programme will continue this Friday, with breakfast along with industry businessmen and with the president of the Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (Fiep), Rodrigo da Rocha Loures, at 09:00 am. At 01:00 pm the ambassadors will have a luncheon with the state governor, Roberto Requião, and then they will visit the Hafez Al-Assad square. On the following day, Saturday, they will pay a visit to Saint George Orthodox Church and to the Imam Ali Mosque, also in Curitiba.

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