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    Smile Marrying my fiance in the UK


    I wonder if anyone has any advice please I'm planning to marry my Algerian fiancé next year in the Spring in the UK. It's been really difficult trying to plan things to be honest I believe he can apply for a Marriage visa because of me not meeting the income threshold, but then leave after 6 months. This meaning we would be apart until he can reapply to be with me here, if I find a good job. We could live here or in Algeria or anywhere!! But taking one step at a time, we are trying to marry first. Any advice from someone in the same position would be helpful. Thanks

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    I'm british like you, and in love with an Algerian boy. He's already proposed so yeah fiance ^///^ please tell me what happened ? how did things work out, if u dont mind tell me a little in detail cuz our stories are the same. <3

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    Hi Rania,

    Sorry for the late reply. I'll PM you.

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    Salam sister,

    I am also in a position similar to yours with my now husband from Algeria.
    I'm 21 and live in Scotland therefore all of this was slightly confusing for me however we got there so do not lose hope.

    Getting married in Algeria isn't as straightforward as here, it takes atleast 2 trips to Algeria the first to hand in papers and the second to get the go ahead to be married.

    To get married here in the UK, you and your partner would have to apply for a fiance visa, this gives your partner either 90 days or 6 months here in the UK to get married but must return home after this. I am not sure of costs but ofcourse for any visa you must show that you have savings for your wedding with the correct intentions to marry.

    However, I met my husband in Tunisia and we married there. Paperwork was straight-forward, I applied for my notice of marriage from my Embassy in Tunis and a Certificate of non impediment, also I had 3 original birth certificates and had one translated in to french. My husband took his passport, certificate de non mariage, birth certificate of himself and his father and also his fathers family book.

    I have not been to Algeria yet but I will be spending some time there next month before applying for our first visa (holidayvisa) and then our settlement visa, inshallah.

    Good luck to anyone in this situation

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