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    Any Algerians in Michigan?

    I'm moving to Michigan in one month. I am part Algerian on father side.
    I'd like to meet Algerian friends there. Anyone know of someone? Merci.

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    theres a huge arab community in dearborn michigan.. if your gonna be around there... even detriot has a huge arab community.. so im sure your bound to run into some algerians...

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    respond to Natoa

    in Michigan its true biggest population in few cities

    Dearborn- Lebanese,Iraqi and Yemeni
    Hamtramck -Bangladesh and Yemeni
    West Bloomfield -Chaldeans
    Southfield- in university Lawrence tech 94% Saudii
    Not so much moroccans, Algerians as other populations.

    I know few Algeriens

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