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    what does this message mean? translation from Algerian to English.

    I met an Algerian guy 3 weeks ago and since then we see each others almost everyday. We were having great time until I received a message from him by mistake. He wanted to send this message to a girl he used to date but he sent it to me instead. Can u please translate and tell me what does this mean?
    "Mekhii ossoukti bark dert fiha sahebtii espagnol lyoumin hedou rani marbot"
    I was told "dert fiha" is a vulgar term and not very respectful.

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    Did you ever find out? Are you still with him? He shouldn't have been texting his ex in the first place, no matter what it said!

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    i coudn't stop laughing
    the last part means "i'm busy these last days"

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    I got with a Spanish girl recently I am busy, merbot can also mean in a relationship or busy it's a dialect which I don't really use

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