London, September 24, 2008 -- A blind Muslim student in Britain has won the right to take a guide dog into a mosque in what is being seen as a groundbreaking decision by a Muslim Law (Shariah) Council.

Mohammed Abraar Khatri, 18, will now be able to enter his place of worship in Leicester, central England, with his guide dog Vargo, who will have to wait outside the prayer hall.

The fatwa, issued at Khatri's request, followed months of cooperation between the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and the Guide Dogs Association, reports said Wednesday.

It was described as a 'massive step forward for other blind and partially-sighted Muslims' by the Guide Dogs Association, and welcomed by the Mosques Council.

In Islam dogs are regarded as 'unclean' and therefore not allowed in mosques.

'I believe that in all new mosques such facilities for disabled people will be an essential part of their design,' said Mohammad Shahid Raza, director of the Imams and Mosques Council in Britain.

A special rest area has been set up in Leicester's Bilal Jamia Mosque for Vargo to wait while Mohammed is praying.