So i have about 4900 friends on Facebook because i network a lot as i am in the real estate business. somehow through a suggested friend list an Algerian guy found me.

i was married before for 7 years to a Palestinian man,k i am attractive and i have a kid. i think because i speak a little french and Arabic and he saw i was married before to a Arabic guy. i have been to the mid-east many times and lived there Dubai, Beirut...etc...
i think it peaked his interest. i am not sure.

never paid much attention to his friend request as he was in Algeria lol. For 4 months he would message me and i would never reply. the last month he got a little more presistent and shot me a message that popped up on me screen in all caps "PLEASE TALK TO ME PLEASE LOL INSHALLAH I AM WAITING".

from his all caps message i replied "WHAT DO YOU WANT!????" He said "just you and some of your time". so ever since we have been talking for 1 and half month. Skype, pictures, calls, Facebook...i think i am in love lool. he works at a hotel in Algiers and is a chef of some sort. i am 28 he is 27.
here are my questions: he gets edgy when i ask too many questions. is this typical?
he is already talking about marriage. i said woooah are you just looking for papers or me? he said no that he doesn't care if we live in Algeria and that he could have pursued less attractive women if he wanted that for more of an actual chance at american papers. what do you guys think? how do i know if he loves me truly? any signs?

he calls me all the time to say he misses me. he says he feels something for me like a soul mate connection. lol i know this is so corny my skin is crawling lol. however i feel it too. like i know what he is thinking and we "get" each other even though my french is not excellent and his English not the best. he has sent me pics of his family. one thing that concerns me though is that his Facebook shows he was in a relationship just a few months ago and then he put some sad status about breaking up. i asked what happened and he wont talk other than saying she was a party girl. i was like um ok. he wants me to come to Algiers and meet his family.he even spoke with my brother that he really likes me and isnt seeking anything for his benefit.