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    Wedding venues in Algiers...

    Hi all...
    I am traveling to Algiers to get married in November this year, I would like your help in finding the perfect Salle du fete. I would like a venue that can hold 100 guests, I know it is not the wedding season so I hope I will have lots of choice. I relly would appriciate any advice / tips on getting married there as I am leaving the Algerian wedding in the hands of my Fianceand his family... so I would like to offer som suggestions. Please help...
    Aisling in England

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    Hello, i hope for you that someone can give you some tips.
    there's some on the internet (yes it is rare)
    and in which area... maybe then anyone can give more info

    good luck!

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    Algiers is a beautiful place, and we can find so many venues there for marriages. I live in Hong Kong and got married in a very pretty Wedding venues NYC last year. My day is really memorable.
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