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    not easy but what marriage is?

    Hello all,

    I am english and I am married to an algerian man and although it has not been easy, we are extremely happy. My husband is a very good father, very thoughtful and kind and always treats me with respect. He values my points of view and supports me to the hilt. He does the housework too!

    Of course we have our ups and downs like any married couple, but we are committed to working together and love and respect each other very much. Thats the main thing.

    I find it very interesting, as a danish lady said before, to hear from uk born women now living in algeria and would love to know how they are finding it? I often discuss this with my husband and wonder if I could live there.

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    Red face ex-DZer

    Did it! loved it! and would do it ALL OVER AGAIN!
    I mean marrying him, immigration, cooking, cleaning whatever it takes cause he proudly gave me his name and made me MRS out of them all... he's perfect *sigh*
    hey you... if you read this can we marry each other again some time?

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    Hello everyone

    Im new to this site, I am English, and have an Algerian boyfriend who lives in Paris, France. He found me on facebook. We see each other as often as we can and there seems to be a lot of love between us. Im really hopeful for the future, as I have never met anyone like him before, so different to British men. Algerian men are kind, thoughtful, compassionate and loving. Im hooked! Anyone out there with similar experiences, and does anyone know how easy or difficult it would be for him to visit me in England?


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    It all depends on his immigration status in France, is he a student there?

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    Been married 20 Years to an Algerian....

    Dear all,

    Marriage is not a bed of roses, roses have thorns and need to be nutured.... Like anything else your decision will have to be based on mututal love and respect.

    Can he live in Europe, or the West or do you have to Live in Algeria?

    Can you live in Algeria? And give up your social networks and family?

    Algerian men are very traditional, once married they will want you to be the queen of the house, and look after the kids. His values are a mixture of culture and Islam. They do not necessarily see a conflict between religion and culture. It is the same for Westerners, we might not realise how much our culture and identity is a mixture of faith, culture and values.

    This is someting you will discover, if you revert to Islam. Take this part of your relationship seriously....It is a spiritual path for your soul, not your husband's. Do it for yourself...Not for your husband.

    A Muslim man can marry a chaste, woman of the book. Meaning, if you are a practicing Jewish or Christian woman he can marry you, there is no requirement to convert. If he to persuade you otherwise seek advice. If he is trying to control this part of your spiritual life....Question his motives, and yours. Do you think he will try to control you in other ways?

    Many marriages end in divorce becaue we enter them with rose coloured glasses. Blind to the character flaws of our spouse.

    Can you see this man making you tea in the morning? Helping with the kids? Putting up with your mood swings?
    Can he accept your family? What if they drink wine? Or Don't agree with your decision to marry a Muslim man?

    Reflect, all these issues and discuss it before you marry - and if you are married. Work out how to talk to each other.
    Remember in the heat of an argument to listen....When someone is angry, If anger meets anger it explodes but if anger meets heart and a listening ear...Anger melts.

    If you were charmed by his good looks and kind manners welcome to the Algerian Wives club
    A final reminder....
    He will adore his mother...The best advice I can give is ask your mother in law to teach you how to make cous cous, and if you are a good baker, learn to make the lovely Algerian Algerian Cuisine Cuisine Algerienne by Farid ZADI: Pastries and Desserts for Eid.

    I pray your marriage will be long and happy and blessed with beautiful children ameen.

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    Great Boyfriend from Algeria

    Hello ladies,

    I discovered this forum recently, it was just "by chance". I like this thread, and wanna also say, that this country have some really great, handsome, generous men!!

    Originally I am from Austria. I met my boyfriend when I worked in France for a while. Now we have a long-distance-relationship since more than 2 years - but it is really worth it!

    I am sooo looking forward to finish my studies and then start my little life with him.

    Actually, I read several times, that Algerian are not that good in communication, or talking about feelings...? It seems my friend is completely the opposite

    I am looking forward to sharing experiences, views, anecdote but also difficulties with you.

    Kind regards,

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    Good Luck Algerian men are really good ppl

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