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    Marrying an Algerian Man :)

    Salaam Ladies

    I stumbled across this site sometime ago... and visit occasionally to read up on the news and culture of Algeria. More recently I've come across the forums and decided to put a post up today. I'm due to get married to a Algerian man in a few weeks time, I'm a British citizen and my fiancee has lived and worked here for some years now and is awaiting a decision on his "Leave to remain" (I'd just like to add that I havent in anyway participated in his application)
    The man I know is decent, honest and hardworking. He treats me with the up-most respect (as I do him) and I really hope to build a life togther with him incha'allah. I've come across many postings re: Algerian men and most have been really negative!

    So today, Im posting for the 1st time and calling for all those who have had positive experience with Algerian men in Marraige to please step forward My inlaws sound like decent people and we are planning to visit Algeria sometime soon! incha'allah and I'm really looking forward to visiting

    I intend to keep posting... if u people keep reading if not for anything else but to offer insight/my point of view as an outsiderd to Algerian men and Culture!

    So Watch this space!
    Love to all!
    Mini xxx

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    Best of luck to you! We all know that good and bad can be found in any nationality. Hopefully you've chosen well and you'll both have a very happy future together.

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    All the best to you Mini.

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    Marrying an Algerian Man

    Dear Mini,
    I am a 34 year old English girl and I married an Algerian man a year ago and as they refused his entry to the UK to live with me, I gave up my flat, my career and my friends and moved to Algeria 6 weeks ago for good. I recognise those wonderful characteristics of respect and consideration in my husband and have met others who show this trait. I have been fortunate to only have met one Algerian man who didn't treat his wife well, although, as has already been mentioned, there is good and bad everywhere. If you are marrying him then I hope that you already know him well enough to have made that commitment and I wish you all the happiness in the world.
    Best wishes

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    Congratulations Aminah . I hope the rest of your life will be filled with happiness, love, and respect. And inshaAllah there will be more couples like you out there....

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    Well my marriage has been eventful, there's been ups and downs, things are mostly good now Insh Allah.

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    maybe im a bit late in replying to ur post. just to say ive been married to an algerian man for 3 years, so far so good alhamdulilah.

    ive heard loads of horror stories too and my family were v. worried abt me marrying an algerian at first..

    i've often wondered why that might be... to me it seems that most of the algerians in the UK, who get with foreign women are on the most part illegal immigrants.. and are therefore often not very educated and have become accustomed to a life of lying & cheating.

    my advice is to go with ur instincts, make istikhara..

    wasalam xx

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