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    Married to Algerian...

    Hi,I have been with my Algerian hubby for 17yrs now,we have lived here in Algeria since 2003... There are lots of us ex-pats here from all over the world,all sharing the same bond of being married to our lovely Algerian husbands!!

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    Emily: Update


    So how are things? What has happened between the two of you since then?


    =emily1983;547780]He said that he had to meet him friend in an hour and I asked him if he was planning on dropping me off and he said yes. I almost fainted, and said to him that I felt used. He was very offended by this and asked how had I been used. He then said that this is why he doesnt like relationships becasue they are too much headache. He got mad and said he`s not staying indoors on a sat with his hyper son, when his reasoning for me coming on the weekend in the first place was so he could relax indoors watching tv and not worry about taking his son to school. So many mixed signals but he was probably confused by me as well. He said just because Im going to see my friend doesnt mean i dont like you, he said that i could come with him but at first he said he was going to drop me off. he was going to take me for coffee before but i was in so much pain i asked to go home. I kept apologizing for offending him, and told him how much i respected him and wanted to spend more time with him before i left and how i was so confused over how he wanted me to come in the week then sold me out. I asked him if he still liked me and he said, if i didnt like you why would i ask you to come visit london at xmas. he dropped me off and i gave him a hug, i gave him another hug this time he kissed me on the cheek. he said for me to skype him when i get back to my country and to make sure to see a dr for my health.

    I was so shocked and dumbfounded how all this went down, as it wasn;t the happy ending i thought it was going to be. I am at fault for a lot I just wish it turned out differently. he called me later that night asking me how i was, i thought that was a good sign that he still cared. then when i told him i felt better after taking some left over antibiotics, he said he had been thinking of what i said about feeling used and he just came out with it. he sounded so angry saying how he was the one who felt used by me leaving a dirty dish in the sink, which he had noticed i had done a few times now, also how i left some soap on the side of the bath after i was done and how i never brought my own wine to his house. he compared me to english people or women and how when they come to his house they at least clean their own dishes or bring their own drinks. he said all woman want from him is sex. he said that i was the one who jumped on him and that he really didnt want to have sex with me becasue he was feeling sick but he didnt want to hurt my feelings by saying no. which doesnt make sense since he had a condom waiting in his pocket. and how he was the one who started kissing me first. I told him why i got upset and said i felt used because i thought i was supposed to come over during the week, then i didn`t hear from him and how i thought he`d want to see me as much as possible before i left. he just said that he decided it wasnt good idea because his son comes first (which i completley understand and agree) having to go to school and that he didnt need to call me to let me know because he said maybe and that it was never offical plans when I know he called it off because he thought i had rejected him like i mentioned above. he said to me that I need to look at myself and not judge others and that i need to think before speaking. i was so shocked and couldnt believe my ears. he said he put his son to bed early because he thought i wasnt comfortable around him, but i was just so shy and nervous around this man because i liked him so much it must have seemed like that to him. i just kept saying how i didn`t mean to offend him when i said i felt used and how in my country when you visit someones house you arent expected to clean your dish. we then ended the conversation on somewhat of a good note but he was still mad at me. he kept saying for me to text him my skype address and telling me to visit a dr in my country to help my medical problems. After this phone call i became so depressed because i had spent all these months dreaming of him, only for all this to happen. the next morning was my flight and my bladder infection came back. it was so painful and only got worse on my 10 hour flight. by the time i got home i had to go to hospital and stayed in for a bad kidney infection as the ifection traveled from bladder to my kidneys. i was so sick. when i was released i stayed in bed, sick, with jetlag.

    I think he called me but I dont have caller id so im not sure. but when I was feeling better, about a week and half of being back, I called him. Im pretty sure he set up call forwarding, so that when he saw it was me calling, he let it ring and before his answering machine came on it switched over to another ring tone, ringing another five times and his friend picked up. I thought it was my guy at first and asked his name only for his friend to say that it wasn`t him and how my guy had given him his phone number. i was so confused and he asked if i wanted his new number and i yes that would be great. he asked me to call back so he could get it in the phone. i called back twice and he never answered. i was set up. i emailed him and got no asnwer. after not hearing anything i wrote him a long letter telling how i felt about him, how i had booked my flights around his schedule, how i extended my trip how i was coming back for him, how much i admired him for being a single father looking after his disabled yet beautiful and loevely son whom i adore. everything, telling him how i never just used him for sex and just explaining everything. I sent along photos i took of him and his son, photos of myself.. i sent a birthday card with money for his son. and i have heard nothing. i am pretty sure that he thinks that i rejected him by taking so long to call him, so he wanted to punish me by making me believe i cant call him anymore becasue i dont have his number. im convinced he set up call forwarding and had his friend in on it. but i was so sick and depressed and jetlagged i needed to get well first before calling him because it really stressed me out.

    i am trying to make sense of all this, im so depressed and cannot stop crying because i still care for this man and his son, my heart goes out to them both, and i am not mad at all because i realize he was just afraid of rejection and this is was his way of protecting himself. I am just so sad, and just want to talk to him to make him see or realise I only had good intentions. Please if anyone has any advice on what I should do, I bought his son and this man gifts to try and show my appreciation for all that he did for me, but I think he thinks I was just using him. Im so sad he thinks this about me.. Most people just tell me to leave it alone but I believe there were some cultural misunderstandings going on that made everything turn for the worse. The attrattion between this man and I was so strong that I know if we saw eachother again wed both be smiling and nervous because we like eachother so much. I never believed in chemistry before but I cant get the image of his beautiful smiling face out of my head and the way we kissed, just pure beauty.

    Please HELP[/QUOTE]

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    I am 19 and fell in love with an Algerian boy last year. I am British, please sisters advice please. Btw i dont wear the hijab, would his family be okay with that? We're engaged but have couple years in marriage as both are still in education. Just general advice from your experiences please, <3 oooh and tell me about Algerian cooking, how long did it take to learn ??

    I have read most of the stories all you wonderful ladies posted and loved them all !! omg ! <3 so happy for u all may God forever bless you. Ameen.
    Tell me about the mother in laws.
    Those of you who have been married, tell me about being a good wife.

    Please advice me like you would to a younger sister heading towards a new life. Thank you much love !!
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