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Thread: Algerian men

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    Red face Husband on Algeria

    I am very sorry that you are upset and sad. I could be that he get a little tired of translation. I depends his personality. Do you have a good relation with their family? Have you tried to learn his language? Is he a good husband with you?

    Analyze the above questions and if he is a good husband he should work a happy medium for both. Like ok the first week you he goes by himself and the second he should take you with him.

    But been gone for not a good signal!

    If you feel you need to talk e-mail me.

    You are more than welcome! Have a beautiful day!

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    hi i did ask if i could go for the 2nd week but the answer was no. we have talked and he has mades me another promise he will go go by himself. i have to trust him & hopefully he will keep his promise. i have tried to learn algerian , i can say a few words. most of his family are ok. some there is the lanuage barrier which i am trying to break but it has to come from both side not just by me.
    my husband always talks to them without me , even at home on the phone so i am not been able to get that bond. i have told my husband about how i feel . nothing has been done as of yet.
    he is a good husband and i love him so much but there has to be changes for the better.
    you can always send me an e mail.
    take care

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