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    In light of bans pertaining to Muslims...what happened to the Swiss Minaret ban?

    Its not all grim.

    This news has been kept abit hush hush by the mainstream media I wonder why

    Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces Islam

    Islamic Supreme Council of Canada

    Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces Islam
    Published: January 30, 2010


    RENOWNED Swiss politician Daniel Streich, who rose to fame for his campaign
    against minarets of mosques, has embraced Islam.
    A member of the Swiss People's Party (SVP) and a well-known politician,
    Daniel Streich was the first man who had launched a drive for imposition of
    ban on mosques minarets, and to lock the mosques in Switzerland. The
    proclamation of Streich's conversion to Islam has created furore in Swiss
    politics, besides causing a tremor for those who supported ban on
    construction of mosques minarets.

    Streich propagated his anti-Islamic movement far and wide in the country,
    sowed seeds of indignation and scorn for Islam among the people, and paved
    way for public opinion against pulpits and minarets of mosques.

    But now Streich has become a soldier of Islam. His anti-Islam thoughts
    finally brought him so close to this religion that he embraced Islam. He is
    ashamed of his doings now and desires to construct the most beautiful mosque
    of Europe in Switzerland.

    The most interesting thing in this regard is that at present there are four
    mosques in Switzerland and Streich wants to lay the foundation for the fifth
    one. He wishes to seek absolution of his sin of proliferating venom against
    Islam. He is thinking of a movement contrary to his previous one to promote
    religious tolerance and peaceful cooperative living, in spite of the fact
    that ban on mosques minarets has gained a legal status.

    This is the greatest quality of Islam that it comes up with even greater
    vigour, when it is faced with confrontation.
    Abdul Majeed Aldai, the president of OPI, an NGO, working for the welfare of
    Muslims, says that Europeans have a great desire to know about Islam. Some
    of them want to know about the relationship between Islam and terrorism;
    same was the case with Streich.

    During his confrontation, Streich studied the Holy Quran and started
    understanding Islam.
    He wished to be hard to Islam, but the outcome was otherwise. Aldai further
    Recently the question of ban on minarets was put to voting in Switzerland,
    wherein the Swiss nationals gave the issue a legal status.


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    Salam ya Serenity,

    The information you have posted is actually incorrect in one very important detail - Daniel Streich became a Muslim long before the ban on minarets in Switzerland and was not at any time a man who called for such a ban. In fact, he is on record as saying that he vehemently opposed the ban. It is true that he was once a member of the PARTY (SVP) that vigorously campaigned for the ban, but he never, ever, took any part in that and publically criticized it, describing the anti-Islam sentiment flowering in Switzerland as a 'witch hunt'. Nor was he ever a 'leading member of the party'.

    Earlier this year a number of Muslim sites and individual Muslims seem to have become aware of his reversion to Islam, and an extremely distorted account of his life, his beliefs, his actual words and his decision to embrace Islam began to burn around the Internet, being picked up, reposted, tweeted and blogged by people who failed in the first rule of information assessment - check your sources.

    >>>Here<<<, in German, from a Swiss source, are some of his public utterances from November 2009. There is further discussion - with internal links to sources >>>here<<< and >>>here<<<.

    So the facts we have are these - Daniel Streich has indeed embraced Islam, but his doing so pre-dated any campaign against minarets. He never called for a ban on minarets, indeed it was the anti-minaret campaign that spurred him to publically announce his reversion to Islam years earlier, while at the same time condemning the campaign forcefully. You'll notice that the last source above singles out your own source - The Nation - as having publicized a rehashing of reports about Daniel Streich 'with a lot of embellishments'. And Daniel Streich is not on record anywhere as having expressed any intention to build a minareted mosque in Switzerland or any place else.

    If we are going to make efforts to share information online then we need to be careful about sources. The 'Daniel Streich myth' was, unfortunately, inflated and distorted by many Muslims who employed a lot of bandwidth to spread a tale that was highly inaccurate.

    You can read more about the Swiss ban on minarets >>> here <<<

    fi aman Allah daeman

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    whoops ok thanks for clearing up the confusion..a canadian Imam sent me the story so naturally I believed every single word as I couldn't find much other info.

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