Saharan Algeria Region - Explore the Treasures of the Saharan Desert

Covering a vast area in the south of Algeria, the Saharan Algeria Region consists of desert terrain as far as the eye can see, with lush oasis towns and villages scattered throughout the region like precious gems in the sand. These settlements are often inhabited by families who have lived there for generations, many with fascinating tales to tell of the extensive history and fascinating culture of the people and of the area. Even the barren landscape between oasis towns has an undeniable beauty which thousands of visitors have come to appreciate.

The magnificent limestone plateau in Saharan Algeria known as the M'zab valley is considered to be of such historic significance that it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exploring the ancient fortress cities in the M'zab valley is like taking a step back in time where life continues at a pace much different from the world's modern cities. The towns in the M'zab valley include Ghardaïa, Melika At Mlishet, El Guerara, Bounoura At Bunur, Bérianne, Beni Isguen At Isjen and El-Ateuf Tajnint.

Located deep in the Saharan Algeria Region, the city of Tamanrasset is popular with back-packers and campers, providing facilities for budget travelers who enjoy sleeping under the stars, as well as for visitors more accustomed to star-rated hotels. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Saharan Algeria Region is the Tassili n'Ajjer National Park, which is well worth visiting. The town of Illizi is both the capital of the Illizi Province in the Saharan Algeria Region and one of the gateways to the Tassili n'Ajjer National Park. Illizi offers tourist accommodation and camping sites, making it an ideal base for exploring the surrounding areas. Other towns in Saharan Algeria which are popular tourist destinations include Hassi-Messaoud, Touggourt, Chenachene, Djanet, El Golea, Reggane, Timimoun and Tindouf.


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Bob Reeves - 2010-11-19 12:40:23

I was in In Salah in 1971. Very kind community. I slept in the French Legion Fort, next to the swimming pool. I do not remember an airport in In Salah. Could someone pls tell me when the In Salah Airport was built? Thanks for the help.

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firikikou - 2010-10-18 15:50:06

salam welcom to visit my town bechar we live good life here with the simplcity

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The Chawi Boy - 2010-08-15 20:57:30

i was in sahara desert recently on my own,it was a wonderful visit that i would always remember for good. welcome to algeria.

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