Tipaza - A Window to the Rise and Fall of Historic Dynasties

Along the coast of Algeria, lies the small town of Tipaza. It is not seen as a major destination in the country, but tourist still flock here, to explore the ruins of Tipaza and discover the history of the ancient civilizations in Algeria. What makes the ruins of Tipaza so extraordinary, is the fact that it does not only showcase the architectural style of one group of rulers, but shows the influence the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantine and Christians had on the construction of this lost city and the role they played in the development of Algeria.

The ruins date back to the second century when the Phoenicians created a trading post here, and which later became a military stronghold for the Romans. A city began to develop but unfortunately the houses are no longer visible. There are however a few wonderful sites at this attraction that make the visit worthwhile. Amongst some of the most noteworthy structures are the mausoleum, the forum, the basilica, the main road, the cemeteries, amphitheatre, baths, nymphaeum and theatre. Walking through the ruins is a rare opportunity to travel through different stages in the history of Algeria, and if visitors are able to speak to a few locals, they will learn about a variety of folklores and legends that are connected to the city, such as the legend of the martyr named Salsa, who was stoned to death after she threw the head of an idol into the sea after Christianity started being accepted by some of the residents. Tipaza is a fascinating destination filled with beauty and mystery.


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Team Algeria.com - 2011-10-03 07:59:44

Dear Mariam, Thank you for visiting Algeria.com and sharing your experience with us. We appreciate the insights of visitors to our site.

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mariam.uk - 2011-09-30 21:57:33

Tipaza is a beautiful town, I visit there regularly as my husband is there. In ramadan time they have a big funfair going on and ppl are there really late at night with their children just having a nice time. Its all lit up in the night, the sea, the atmosphere is amazing. we would go shopping after 12 at night, they have a nice shopping mall cant remember the name. it was such a safe place to be in. I went in the summer time,during ramadan, it was soo hot up to 40 degrees celcius. The people are so freindly.. other than the weather, i loved my stay there, i couldnt wait to escape the weather but i really miss the place every time i come back..Algeria is an amazing place with amazing people.

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