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آستانا تحتفل بالذكرى 10 لتتويجها عاصمة لكازاخستان [03:09]
تتزامن زيارة الرئيس مدفيديف الى كازاخستان مع احتفلات العاصمة آستانا بيوم تأسيسها. حيث غدت المدينة على مدى السنوات 10 مركز البلاد السياسي وقبلةً حضارية وثقافي...


World celebrities gather at 'Sports Oscar' in St. Pete [02:05]
St. Petersburg has grabbed the attention of the sporting world as it hosted one of the world's glitziest award ceremonies. This year the event has been prese...


Aeroporto Lecce Lepore: ciak si gira. Scene dal set de "Il pasticciere" di Sardiello [08:47]
Ultime scene da girare qui nel Salento e poi si parte. Siamo stati a curiosare sul set del "Il pasticciere", il film scritto e diretto da Luigi Sardiello (Pi...


el virus 9 [03:00]
zimou belkheir guelma 24 el rapid.


Tu Duc Tomb Huế Vietnam [03:28]
Tu Duc Tomb Huế Vietnam Tu Duc was the fourth emperor of the Nguyen dynasty and the one to reign the longest, from 1847 until 1883. His place of eternal rest...

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