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Neila Benbey singing the classic song Sidi Hbibi [04:29]
I collect Algerian music and stumbled across this Algerian singer who lives in Spain and collaborates with spanish singers. This version of Sidi hbibi, a traditonal Algerian song touched me and I made a video to match it. Neila has the ability to reach non algerians and show them how wonderful Algerian music is
Tags: neila, benbey, algeria, algerian, naima, dziria, chaabi, algiers, oran, dahmane, el, harrachi, onetruemedia

Songs of The Algerian Revolution [01:42]
This is a very old recording of one of the songs that was sung by the Freedom fighters in the Algerian Revolution ( 1954 to 1962) It is a very old recording. Please forgive the quality . I believe it was recorded by Italians shortly after the war
Tags: algerian, revolution, battle, of, algiers, Algeria, algerie, onetruemedia

Neila Benby, Chahalet Laayani, Algerian music [03:41]
This is a lovely version of the traditional song from Algeria, Chahalet Laayani. This song has also been sung by the Bob Dylan of Algeria, BAAZIZ. This video is part of a series of videos made by Kathleen Woolrich, author of ALGERIAN SUNS and is mostly used to teach non Algerians about Algerian culture and music
Tags: algerie, algeria, baaziz, chahalet, Laayani, chaabi, nelia, benby, hasni, nasro, oran, wahran, onetruemedia

Mohamed El Kamel, Algerian Radio from the 1930's [03:05]
This song called ZWANE EL YOUM was recorded for Algerian Radio in the 1930s by a musician and comedian named Mohamed El Kamel.
Tags: 1930's, radio, algeria, algiers, mohamed, el, kamel, algerie, onetruemedia

The Deportation of Kabyle Algerians to New Caledonia in 1871 [02:11]
Mehdi Lallaoui, Kabyles du Pacifique, 1994, Éditions Au nom de la mémoire. There is very little in English that tells their story. This video is a small effort to tell their story and remember them. This small movie recognises the contribution of Mehdi Lallaoui and his documentation of the Kabyles story from the revolt in 1871 to their exile in New Caledonia
Tags: new, caledonia, kabyle, amazigh, revolt, 1871, algerie, algeria, lounes, onetruemedia, the, bride, berber, tizi, ouzou

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