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algeria - live scenes الجزائر - حمام ملوان [02:40]
Hammam Melouane is a small town at the foot of the Blidean Atlas mountains; 37km south west of Algiers. Hammam is the Arabic for baths and it is the presence of the baths with thermal spring water that gives the town it's name. The drive from Algiers to Hammam Melouane is a beautiful one; as you turn inland away from the coast the scenery quickly becomes mountainous and you drive past fields upon fields of olive trees, apricot trees, orange groves already bearing tiny green spheres which will grow and become ripe by December, fig trees which have already been harvested for the first batch of larger figs -- the smaller sweeter ones will come later, grape vines and prickly pear cacti which are interestingly named in Algerian although I am unsure as to why: they are called Qarnous Nasaara (Pears of the Christians) or Hindi (Indian). As you enter the town of Hammam Melouane, you drive along a narrow road through the mountains and arrive in a populated valley with green mountains rising on all sides; these mountains are covered in snow during the winter..................
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Sahabie Rasul Sidi Okba ibn Nafi, Biskra-Algeria [08:43]
Uqba ibn Nafi (Arabic: عقبة بن نافع‎ 'Uqbah ibn Nāfi', also referred to as Oqba ibn Nafi, Uqba bin Nafe, Uqba ibn al Nafia, or Akbah; 622--683) was an Arab hero and general who was serving the Umayyad dynasty, in Amir Muavia and Yazid periods, who began the Islamic conquest of the Maghreb, including present-day Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco in North Africa. He was the nephew of 'Amr ibn al-'As. Uqba is often surnamed al-Fihri in reference to the Banu Fihri, a clan connected to the Quraysh. His descendants would be known as the 'Oqbids' or 'Fihrids'. Uqba is the founder of the cultural city of Kairouan in Tunisia. Uqba accompanied Al-'As in his initial raids and capture of cities in North Africa starting with Barca, then proceeding to Tripolitania in 644 AD. In 670 now the emir or commander, Uqba led an Arab army to North Africa, crossing the Egyptian deserts, and setting up military posts at regular intervals along his route. In a region of what is now Tunisia, he established the town now called Kairouan (Kairwan or al Qayrawan, meaning "camp" or "caravanserai" in Persian) about 160 kilometres south of present-day Tunis, which he used as a base for further operations. According to one legend, one of Uqba's soldiers stumbled across a golden goblet buried in the sands. It was recognized as one that had disappeared from Mecca some years before, and when it was dug out of the sand a spring appeared, with waters said to come from the same source as those of the sacred ...
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Angel Falls_ The Highest Water Fall [02:06]
★☭ KGB OFFICIAL REPORTS (INTERNATIONAL&IMPARTIAL) PARTISAN WORLD NEWS ★☭ ♡¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)▒͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇͇͇̿̿̿̿L͇͇̿̿o͇͇̿̿V͇̿ ͇̿e͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿▒ (¸.·´ (¸.·` ** ...▒͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿ ͇͇̿̿...
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Découvrer le bordj de TAMENTFOUST à Alger, magnifique site touristique de l'époque des turque, devenu un musée ouvert au grand public algérois et algériens, une vue superbe du haut de cet édifice avec un sentiment incroyable...c'est comme si on fait une visite dans le temps. méconnu par bcp de gens.le bordj mérite d'être visité, les tarifs pour rentrer ne sont pas du tout chère (20 da) plus il faut prévoir le parking. Le seul petit problème C'est bcp d'encombrement dans la route avant d'arriver au niveau du lieu dit kahwat echargui à l'intersection devant la trémie:). il faut patienter, juste après la rue se dé vous conseil d'aller le vendredi après midi après le priere vendredi pour éviter la circulation lorsqu'il fera beau et de revenir si vous désirer par la belle ville de ain taya puis rouiba avant la tombé de la nuit pour votre sécurité.vous pouver apprécier également la mer bleu et le un petit Tamentfoust.désolé pour la ptite erreur sur l'écriture de tamentfoust au lieu de tamenfoust jai oublié le "t" avant f.

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