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  • Camel Trekking in Algeria

    Algeria and its neighbor Morocco share one breathtaking feature that makes outdoor activities in these two countries unique, namely the Sahara Desert. Its endless hills of flowing sand, broken ...

  • سباحة الجزائر ڌﺴﺘﻌﺪ لأولمبياد بكين

    وضع الاتحاد الجزائرى للسباحة برنامجا تحضيريا مكثفا ، استعدادا للمواعيد الرسمية المقبلة، على رأسها الحدث الرياضي الكبير، دورة الالعاب الأولمبية والتى ستنطلق فى بكين الصيف المقبل

  • Jerboas – Fascinating Desert Dwellers

    There are a number of national parks and protected areas in Algeria designed to preserve the natural heritage of this vast North African country. Visitors to these parks and wide open spaces ...

  • Qalat Ibn Salama and Ibn Khaldun

    The ancient fortress of Qalat Ibn Salama is situated on a hill near present-day Tiaret, south-west of Algiers, the capital city of Algeria. As a military fortress, Qalat Ibn Salama no doubt ...

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  • Museums

    Musee d'Hippone

    As one of Algeria's main cities, the port city of Annaba in the North East Region of the country was known as Hippo Regius during Roman times and the Musée d'Hippone chronicles the fascinating history of the area. The museum is located at the archaeological site of Hippo two kilometers south of the city. Visitors to Annaba should take some time to explore these ancient ruins, as well as the ...

  • Singles


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  • Sights


    Along the coast of Algeria, lies the small town of Tipaza. It is not seen as a major destination in the country, but tourist still flock here, to explore the ruins of Tipaza and discover the history of the ancient civilizations in Algeria. What makes the ruins of Tipaza so extraordinary, is the fact that it does not only showcase the architectural style of one group of rulers, but shows the ...

  • Community


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  • Museums

    Cherchell Museum

    Located in the center of the seaport town of Cherchell in Algeria's Tipaza Province, the Cherchell Museum houses what are widely considered to be the some of the best examples of Roman and Greek antiquities on the African continent. Cherchell was established by the Carthaginians in the 4th century BC and was captured by the Romans in 25 BC who made it into the capital of the Mauritania ...

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  • Culture


    Local Algerian TV is limited to just one station. Electronic media (TV and Radio) in Algeria is state-controlled. However, the printed press is very active and often has much to say about the authorities. Whilst there are no censorship laws as such, legislation states that those insulting or slandering government officials can face prison or hefty fines.

  • Attractions

    Health Spas

    If you are planning to get some good rest and relaxation done while in Algeria and would like to enjoy the services of a health spa, you will not be disappointed. While it is not common for locals to make use of the services of a qualified health spa professional, the many top quality hotels in Algeria have recognized the need to provide this service to their travel-weary visitors. As such, ...


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