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  • تيباسا – الإرث الروماني بالجزائر

    تعتبر الجزائر بلدا قديما لتوفرها على مآثر تاريخية ساحرة من بينها مدينة تيباسا الفينيقية القديمة التي تقع على ساحل الجزائر. كانت هذه المدينة القديمة فيما مضى تكتض بالسكان أما ألان فناذرا ما تحضى ...

  • Enduring Culture of the Mozabites

    Situated about 500 kilometers south of the city of Algiers, in the northern Sahara, the M’zab Valley of Central Algeria is home to the Berber ethnic group known as the Mozabites. Living in ...

  • Exploring the Beauty of Algeria on a Bicycle

    The International Bicycle Fund is a non-profit, independent organization that has as its goal the promotion of using bicycles as a means of transportation. As part of this initiative, Bicycle ...

  • Volunteer in Algeria and Make a Difference

    When looking for a rewarding and challenging way to discover a country and get to know its people, there is no better way than to sign up for volunteer work. There are many agencies and ...

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  • Directory


    Directory listing for "Transportation". Please contact us if you wish to be listed here.

  • Business


    The biggest exports in Algeria are either mined or manufactured in the country. Agriculture plays a comparatively minor role in the country's overall economy. The vast majority of highly profitable mining or manufacturing concerns are owned and operated by the government and Algeria's government also oversees the instituting of economy-related laws and other necessary planning. In recent ...

  • Religious Sites in Algeria

    Great Mosque of Tlemcen

    Visitors to foreign countries are often interested in the architecture and buildings that have survived through the centuries, as they reflect and represent the history of a particular city, and the country as a whole. In the city of Tlemcen, a magnificent mosque was constructed in the year 1082, which has retained its beauty and splendor, to become one of the most popular attractions in ...

  • National Parks

    Djurdjura National Park

    Taking its name from the Djurdjuran massif that lies within its boundaries, the Djurdjura National Park in the North West Region of Algeria consists of three main sections – eastern, western and central - extending into the districts of Bouira to the south, and Tizi-Ouizou to the north. With its many dense forests, deep gorges and unusual grottoes, the park is widely considered to have some ...

  • Travel

    Travel Options

    Are you planning on vacationing, visiting friends or doing business in Algeria? You are certain to be interested in what your travel options in Algeria are. provides you with details on how to arrive in Algeria and how to get around once you are in the country.

  • Museums

    El Oued Museum

    El-Oued in Algeria is often referred to as the "Pearl of the Sahara" or the "City of a Thousand Domes", and visitors to this picturesque oasis town soon come to appreciate why. With its domed whitewashed buildings surrounded by date palms and greenery, El-Oued in the Saharan Algeria Region of the country is a popular tourist destination. The El-Oued Museum (Musée d’El Oued) located in the ...

  • Attractions


    The majority of people who visit Algeria do so to enjoy the unique culture, architecture and people. However, this does not mean that there is nothing entertaining to do in Algeria. Besides a number of outdoor activities, you may even find that the city or town you are staying in enjoys some form of nightlife.

  • Activities

    Outdoor Activites

    There are a number of outdoor activities in Algeria that can be enjoyed by tourists and other visitors. The vast majority of these are offered by the various hotels and resorts and take the form of conventional recreation activities such as swimming, tennis or playing golf. Visitors can enjoy the beach at Algiers, bearing in mind that modesty in dress is advised.


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