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  • Makam Echahid Monument

    Algeria fought the French for independence between 1954 and 1962, which was one of the most vital decolonization wars in the history of the country. It was a war that not only saw armies in ...

  • Algeria: In Search of Mosques and Museums

    Make no mistake, Algiers is a great place to visit. To visit a pirate stronghold in itself would be interesting and moreover, there were also many sights to see inside the city. The ...

  • جمهورالجزائر يستمتع بموسيقى الجاز

    سيكون جمهور مسرح "الهواء الطلق" بالمقابل على موعد مع عروض موسيقية راقصة لفرق أرجنتينية مختصة في نوع "التانغو"وذلك بعد غد، ويومي الخميس 20 مارس الجاري والخميس 27 من نفس الشهر٠

  • Algeria’s International Sahara Marathon

    The Sahara Marathon is an exciting international event held in Algeria each year. This event, hosted by the Saharawi people is a wonderful opportunity to compete in the unique conditions of the ...

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What to See

  • Sights

    M'Zab Valley

    In 1982, UNESCO recognized the M’Zab Valley as a World Heritage Site, not only because of its beauty, but the significance of the towns and villages that are located within this region of Algeria. The towns have adapted to suit their environment, while using traditional and ingenious methods to create environmentally friendly structures that blend into the landscapes of the M’Zab Valley. ...

  • Singles


    Are you looking for a soul mate, someone to spend the rest of your life with? Or maybe you are just interested in an online flirtation. is here to's new Algerian Dating Services are set to be launched very soon. Our online Algerian single's service will give you an opportunity to view the profiles of wonderful Algerian women including photos, biographies ...

  • Activities


    Soccer is the most popular sport in Algeria. Both children and adults regularly play soccer for amusement in the streets and parks. Algeria qualified to participate in the World Cup championships in 1982 and 1986 and won Africa's Continental Championship in 1990. Algeria also has national volleyball and handball teams that have won international championships.

  • Embassies

    German Embassy

    Algeria may not be the first place that most German tourists think of visiting, but the German Embassy in Algeria is certainly a busy place. While it is true that the country has been ravaged by war, Algeria is filled with many excellent tourist attractions and heritage sites, providing an interesting holiday destination.

  • Business


    Algeria's economy has seen significant reforms in recent years. Continuous improvements to the economy of Algeria are being made by the government, which has had a positive impact on investment in a number of different business sectors. According to international standards, Algeria is categorized as a lower middle-income country. Let us consider the history of Algeria's economy and its ...

  • Travel


    Algeria is the second largest country in Africa, and the tenth largest country in the world. Covering such an immense stretch of landscape, Algeria is also a country of diversity. It extends from the Mediterranean coastline to the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert. Algeria's geography is fascinating and traveling through the country is a unique experience. Join us as we consider Algeria's ...

  • Activities

    Golf Courses

    Golfing enthusiasts are known to try to include a round of golf wherever they may be visiting, and while Algeria is not exactly what might be termed a golfer's paradise, there are some golf courses for visitors to enjoy a game at. The Arab world has been exposed to golf since World War I when the British introduced the game to Egypt, eventually finding its way to Algeria.

  • Attractions


    Most visitors to this North African country are surprised at what they find. Instead of miles and miles of dry, dusty deserts or ramshackle streets, they find beautiful green pastures, elegant cities and picturesque harbors. Sure, the miles of desert sand can be seen, but Algeria has much more to offer than a glimpse of the Sahara. Nearly every main city or town has some great Algerian ...


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