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  • Fortified Settlements of the M’Zab Valley

    The five fortified settlements of the M'zab Valley in Algeria – Ghardaïa, Bounoura, El-Atteuf, Melika and Beni-Isguen – are valued both locally and internationally for their cultural and ...

  • موقع تمغاد بالجزائر

    ما هي نقطة الإشتراك بين مدينة بنيت في القرن الثاني للميلاد، بين مغامرين أثريين وبين مخططي المدن ׃ مدينة تمغاد القديمة.فهذه المدينة العريقة بنيت من طرف الرومان مستعملين شبكة تخطيط (تقف الشوارع ...

  • عيد الأضحى في الجزائر

    يعتبر عيد الأضحى مناسبة إسلامية ذات أهمية قصوى لدى كل المسلمين عبر العالم.وفي الجزائر الدولة ذات الأغلبية الإسلامية يسمى هذا العيد أيضا باسم العيد الكبير، وهو واحد من أهم العيدين، يحتفل به ...

  • New Suburb Planned for Constantine

    The city of Constantine in north-eastern Algeria lies on the banks of the Rhumel River around 80 km inland from the Mediterranean coast. It is Algeria's third largest city, after Algiers and ...

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  • National Parks

    Chrea National Park

    Taking its name from a nearby town, the Chréa National Park is located in the Blida Province of the North West Region of Algeria. The park incorporates the mountainous area of the Blidean Atlas, part of the Tell Atlas range, where the grotto of Chiffa and the snow skiing station of Chréa are situated. The Chréa skiing station is one of the few in Africa that can offer skiing on natural snow.

  • Sights


    Algeria is known to have some of the best archeological sites and Roman ruins in North Africa. Many of these sites have been recognized by UNESCO, as World Heritage Sites, and in 1982, this honor was given to Djemila. Djemila is not only one of the best historical sites in Algeria, but in the North Africa, as its beautifully preserved ruins are breathtaking monuments to Roman architecture. ...

  • Regions


    If you are looking for a destination with a difference, Algeria may be just the sort of place you had in mind. Filled with interesting architecture, a whole lot of history and stunning landscapes, Algeria has a lot to offer the average tourist. For a holiday where you get to be the first among your friends to explore this fascinating North African country, visit Algeria's cities! Some of the ...

  • National Parks

    Tassili n'Ajjer National Park

    Most national parks and reserves are created to protect and conserve a designated area, to ensure the future of bio-diverse systems and to provide the animals with a safe environment to live in, guaranteeing the survival of hundreds of species. The Tassili n'Ajjer National Park is unique in the respect of it being created to conserve a mountain range and is not only a national park, but a ...

  • Travel

    Airport guides

    Algeria has a large number of civilian airports that are open to general use. Airports dealing with the arrival and departure of international flights have a customs department, whilst airports servicing domestic traffic have none. The vast majority of Algeria's airports are paved and easily accessible, but some of the airports in outlying areas may be nothing more than an airstrip, which ...

  • Culture


    Islam is the official religion in Algeria and is practiced by the majority of the country's inhabitants. Sunni Islam or Muslim religion permeates Algeria in practically every aspect of life. Whilst not all followers are orthodox, Islam gives Algeria its cultural and social identity and its principles govern much of the nations ethics and behavior. Whilst Islam is the dominant religion in ...

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    It is always a good idea try to find out what the weather will be like at your destination. Not only does it help you to pack appropriate clothing for your stay, but it also helps you to ensure that your journey will be everything you want it to be. For example, you would not want to visit a ski-resort in the middle of summer unless that ski resort actually had snow. On the same token, you ...


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