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  • Beautiful and Vibrant Ain El Turk

    It was known as El Eurfa – a wide open plain that was home to nomadic tribes. The two major tribes that inhabited the area co-existed harmoniously across the plain and relied on each other for ...

  • Albert Camus and The Plague

    Albert Camus is a winner of the 1957 Nobel Prize in Literature who was born in Algeria in the year 1913. At the time of his birth in the small town of Mondovi (known as Dréan today), Algeria had ...

  • Gifts from and to Algeria and the World

    Music can be a delectable form of history, after from its varied effects on our senses and moods. Folk music is the most telling of music genres, for it has its inspiration in common members of ...

  • Algeria Hosts Women’s Olympic Volleyball Qualifying Tournament

    With competing in the 2012 London Olympic Games as their ultimate goal, the Algerian women's volleyball team is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming African Olympic ...

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    Grand Erg Occidental

    The Sahara Desert region of Algeria is home to many small villages, breathtaking oasis and fascinating sand dunes, but it is also in this desolate landscape, where endless desert regions are found. Where there are no signs of life for miles; and where all that lies before you is an ocean of sand and its varied shapes and color. These seemingly lifeless stretches of sand are called ergs, and ...

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    Art Galleries

    There are a number of art galleries in Algeria that are well worth visiting as they provide insight into the culture and lives of the people who call this fascinating North African country home. Some art galleries focus on contemporary art whilst others might be more appropriately termed "museums" as they display artworks from bygone days. Algerian artwork may take the form of sculpture, ...

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  • Culture


    Algeria's literature has been largely influenced by the ancient Romans, the Arabs, French, Spanish and indigenous tribes. Contemporary Algerian literature shows a strong divide between French and Arabic. Many well-known and widely translated literary figures have come out of Algeria, including poets, novelists, essayists and playwrights. Algerian literary works will give you great insight ...

  • Art Galleries

    Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions

    Located in the Rue Hadj Omar in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions displays an extensive collection of local arts and crafts. As the name suggests, the museum incorporates age-old traditional items, as well as more contemporary pieces, showcasing the tremendous talent of Algeria's artists and artisans. Visitors to the museum will have the ...

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  • Community


    If you've recently visited Algeria and would like something to remember the country by, why not join the large number of people who have already downloaded the top Algerian ringtone - the country's national anthem! This beautiful song may stir up feelings of nationalism in the heart of many Algerians and visitors find that this powerful music is universal and will often stir you to remember ...

  • Culture


    Proverbs are brief sayings that are used frequently and often express a simple truth or perception. Algerian proverbs can give you great insight into the culture, views, opinions, customs and life of the population. As with all cultures, proverbs form an integral part of Algerian speech and add a sprinkling of color to any conversation. Why not learn a few proverbs from Algeria? You are ...


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