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  • مواقع رامسار في الجزائر

    انعقدت سنة 1971 في إيران اتفاقية رامسار التي كان الهدف منها إنشاء حوار دولي لحماية المناطق في العالم. تعتبر المناطق الرطبة أو الحساسة بيئيا "محمية" وفقا لاتفاقية رامسار أي أنها ...

  • Lounis Ait Menguellet – Musician with a Message

    Lounis Ait Menguellet is widely considered to be one of the most popular artists in contemporary Kabylian, or Berber, music. As the youngest of six children, Menguellet was born on 17 January ...

  • Tlemcen – Capital of Islamic Culture

    Referred to as the Pearl of the Arab Maghreb and chosen as the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2011, the town of Tlemcen in Algeria is hosting the International Festival of Folk Dances on from ...

  • الجزائر: الحرب من أجل الاستقلال

    يرى العديد من المؤرخين أن عهد الإرهاب الحديث ابتدأ مع أول نزاع الذي أصبح بعد ذلك حرب الجزائر من أجل الاستقلال. ففي فاتح نوفمبر 1954، أطلقت جهة التحرير الوطني، حزب سياسي اشتراكي في الجزائر، ثورة ...

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  • Regions

    Saharan Algeria

    Covering a vast area in the south of Algeria, the Saharan Algeria Region consists of desert terrain as far as the eye can see, with lush oasis towns and villages scattered throughout the region like precious gems in the sand. These settlements are often inhabited by families who have lived there for generations, many with fascinating tales to tell of the extensive history and fascinating ...

  • Activities

    Golf Courses

    Golfing enthusiasts are known to try to include a round of golf wherever they may be visiting, and while Algeria is not exactly what might be termed a golfer's paradise, there are some golf courses for visitors to enjoy a game at. The Arab world has been exposed to golf since World War I when the British introduced the game to Egypt, eventually finding its way to Algeria.

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  • Religious Sites in Algeria

    Notre Dame d'Afrique

    Located on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Algiers in Algeria's capital city, the Notre Dame d'Afrique is a 19th century Roman Catholic Church. As the basilica of Algiers, the Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa) was designed by Jean Eugene Fromageau, the chief architect for ecclesiastical buildings during French colonial rule. It took fourteen years to complete the basilica and it was ...

  • Regions

    North West

    The beautiful coastline and spectacular mountain ranges of the North West region of Algeria attracts thousands of visitors to the destinations in this region each year. Visitors to the North West region have a vast variety of destinations to choose from, including Saida, Ain Temouchent, Tiaret, Mascara, Oran, Relizane, Mostaganem and Sidi Bel Abbes. Founded in 1851, the town of Ain ...


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