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  • Algeria’s Wildlife: Sand Cats

    Algeria's many national parks and nature reserves offer visitors the opportunity to view the country's diverse wildlife in various habitats. Among the animals adapted to the arid conditions ...

  • Ech Cheliff: A Fascinating Destination

    During the Roman times, the Ech Cheliff Province of Algeria was named Castellum Tingitanum. It is located on the Cheliff River, assisting this great agriculture province with the natural ...

  • Renewal of the Algiers Casbah

    A “Casbah”, in its traditional meaning, is the center of a city, usually walled in and fortified to some extent. As such, the Casbahs of cities and towns stretching from Morocco in the west to ...

  • The Sheraton Club Des Pins Resort in Algiers

    You might think that Algeria wasn’t the type of place to support a large, luxurious hotel... and if you do, you’d be wrong. The Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers is located just west of ...

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What to See

  • Business


    Whenever you travel to another country, whether for business or for pleasure, you will inevitably need to familiarize yourself with the currency being used in that country. Not only will you need to determine where the various exchange points are and what sort of travel currency - such as travelers checks and credit cards - is available, but you will also need to get an idea of how much ...

  • Travel

    Health Advice

    Traveling to Algeria can be an enjoyable and exciting experience, and you are likely to have a wonderful time exploring this fascinating country. We have provided you with some health advice you may want to take into consideration so as to ensure that illness and health problems don't put a damper on your vacation. We suggest that you visit your local health care professional for a check up ...

  • Travel


    If reading about Algeria with its fascinating people and beautiful desert cities has inspired you to travel to this unusual tourist destination, why not take the opportunity to book an Algerian tour now? Often a tour is the easiest way to see the best that a country has to show you and a great way to meet people.

  • Culture


    Islam is the official religion in Algeria and is practiced by the majority of the country's inhabitants. Sunni Islam or Muslim religion permeates Algeria in practically every aspect of life. Whilst not all followers are orthodox, Islam gives Algeria its cultural and social identity and its principles govern much of the nations ethics and behavior. Whilst Islam is the dominant religion in ...

  • Singles


    Are you looking for a soul mate, someone to spend the rest of your life with? Or maybe you are just interested in an online flirtation. is here to help.'s new Algerian Dating Services are set to be launched very soon. Our online Algerian single's service will give you an opportunity to view the profiles of wonderful Algerian women including photos, biographies ...

  • Travel


    Algeria is the second largest country in Africa, and the tenth largest country in the world. Covering such an immense stretch of landscape, Algeria is also a country of diversity. It extends from the Mediterranean coastline to the sandy dunes of the Sahara Desert. Algeria's geography is fascinating and traveling through the country is a unique experience. Join us as we consider Algeria's ...

  • Museums

    Cirta Constantine Museum

    Located in the Algerian city of Constantine, the Musée Cirta Constantine (Cirta Constantine Museum) was built between 1920 and 1930 for the purpose of displaying the many Roman artifacts discovered by archaeologists in and around the city. The building was designed by renowned architect Cestelli and opened its doors to the public on 15 April 1931. The word "Cirta" refers to the name of the ...

  • Sights

    M'Zab Valley

    In 1982, UNESCO recognized the M’Zab Valley as a World Heritage Site, not only because of its beauty, but the significance of the towns and villages that are located within this region of Algeria. The towns have adapted to suit their environment, while using traditional and ingenious methods to create environmentally friendly structures that blend into the landscapes of the M’Zab Valley. ...


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