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There are a number of art galleries in Algeria that are well worth visiting as they provide insight into the culture and lives of the people who call this fascinating North African country home. Some art galleries focus on contemporary art whilst others might be more appropriately termed "museums" as they display artworks from bygone days. Algerian artwork may take the form of sculpture, graphic works, painting or craftwork, with superb examples being found in markets or galleries across the country. There is a large concentration of art galleries located in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.

Algerians have always displayed artistic talent in their rendering of images, famous persons and their coin inscriptions. In older artworks, the beautiful script of the Arabic language is prominently featured. At times certain religious icons may have been drawn on for inspiration but, in general, artwork tends towards geometric shapes or takes on the likeness of very real people. There are a great many number of busts, printed art and fine art masterpieces on display in the country. Ancient sculptures and antiquities recovered from tombs can also be considered to be great Algerian artworks.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city or market places, why not visit an art gallery? The National Gallery of Fine Arts displays an impressive array of brilliant masterpieces from around the world and includes the likes of Delacroix and Renoir. However it also has an excellent display of local artists and you will find works by Racim, Temmam and Yelles exhibited in all their power and beauty. The Bardo National Museum features much older artworks and treasures rescued from the soil, while the National Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions certainly has no shortage of stunning artworks. If you’re looking for a gallery outside of Algiers, try the Cirta National Museum of Constantine – definitely a gallery that shouldn’t be missed. Don’t miss out on a visit to the many art galleries of Algeria when you next visit the country!

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