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Algeria is known to have some of the best archeological sites and Roman ruins in North Africa. Many of these sites have been recognized by UNESCO, as World Heritage Sites, and in 1982, this honor was given to Djemila. Djemila is not only one of the best historical sites in Algeria, but in the North Africa, as its beautifully preserved ruins are breathtaking monuments to Roman architecture. Once known as Cuicul, the city was not massive compared to other ancient cities and would have probably only been home to approximately twenty thousand people. Little did these inhabitants know how significant their city would become to future generations, and for tourism in Algeria.

The old city of Cuicul was completely abandoned by the fifth century and walking through the streets of the city that was renamed to Djemila, visitors are able to let their imaginations run wild and see the city rise again, with beauty and glory. The former military garrison boasts with a baptistery, theatre, basilica, forums, arches and many of the city walls are still standing. The theatre is spectacular as most of it is in near perfect condition and can seat an estimated three thousand spectators. The baths, the square and Europe House are all wonderful parts of the fallen city, to explore. The onsite museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and items that have been recovered from the site through excavations and give visitors the opportunity to get insight into what the city might have looked like. Visiting the Djemila ruins and the museum is a rewarding experience and a fascinating look into the history of Algeria.

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