Historical religious site in Tamanrasset, Attractions, Algeria

High up on the Assekren, near the town of Tamanrasset in Algeria, is a structure that not only pays tribute to a great man, but continues his work today. It is a monument to the teachings and selflessness of Charles Eugene de Foucauld, who sacrificed his life for his religion, and the Tuareg tribe he reached out to. The Little Brothers of Jesus, who now work from the Hermitage of Charles de Foucauld, continue to promote Christianity, as the founder of the small hill top church did, centuries before them.

Charles de Foucauld constructed the building now known as the Hermitage of Charles de Foucauld, where he could preach and inspire local tribes and try to protect the Tuareg. It is believed that this structure is the very first Catholic Church to be erected in Algeria in 1911, and after Foucauld’s assassination in 1916, the church was finally consecrated in 1938. The humanitarian work done by Charles de Foucauld, which began in 1910, is honored by the dedication of the Little Brothers of Jesus, and visitors to the Hermitage of Charles de Foucauld who not only make the journey for the magnificent views and landscapes surrounding the church, but to learn more about the history of this attraction and the work that began with a dream and a humble priest. The Hermitage of Charles de Foucauld is a noteworthy site and recommended to all that travel to Algeria, as everyone leaves this site in awe and with a little added inspiration.

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