Museums of Algeria

With a wealth of information under one roof, museums generally offer insight into the city or country you are visiting and are an interesting means of acquainting visitors with the history, culture and heritage of a country in a relatively short period of time. The many museums in Algeria are no exception, and visitors will find them packed with fascinating information.

The Bardo Museum in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, is primarily devoted to history and archaeology and includes some superb exhibits of rock paintings from the Tassili N’Ajjer National Park located in the Saharan Algeria Region of the country. Both the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art focus on the artistic talents of Algerians, as well as having selected international works displayed. Algiers is also home to the Musee de l’Enfance (Childhood Museum), the National Museum of Antiquities and the National Archaeology Agency.

The Musée Cirta Constantine in the city of Constantine displays a diverse range of art, sculpture and artifacts retrieved from archaeological sites, all focused on Algeria’s rich culture and history. The Cherchell Museum, located in the seaport town of Cherchell, contains a wealth of Roman and Greek antiquities, while the Benni Abbes Museum, in the oasis town of Benni Abbes, highlights desert fauna, fossils and traditional Algerian arts and crafts.

Many towns in Algeria have museums and it is usually worth visiting these to become acquainted with the culture and history of the town you are exploring, as well as gaining insight into the lives of the people living there. It will enrich your experience as you travel in Algeria.

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