Chréa National Park, Blida Province, North West Region, Algeria

Taking its name from a nearby town, the Chréa National Park is located in the Blida Province of the North West Region of Algeria. The park incorporates the mountainous area of the Blidean Atlas, part of the Tell Atlas range, where the grotto of Chiffa and the snow skiing station of Chréa are situated. The Chréa skiing station is one of the few in Africa that can offer skiing on natural snow.

Although the Chréa National Park is one of Algeria’s smallest protected areas, it has varied terrain and abundant flora, providing suitable habitats for a variety of animals and birds, including a number of magnificent raptor species. The ancient Atlas Cedar forests of the park are home to a population of Barbary Macaque (commonly, and mistakenly, referred to as Barbary Apes), an Old World monkey species that is rated as endangered on the IUCN Red List (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). A distinguishing feature of the Barbary Macaque is its short stump of a tail, which is believed to have come about as a result of centuries of disuse.

There are numerous walking trails within the Chréa National Park that have been designed for visitors to enjoy the rich natural beauty of this charming Algerian national park which is well worth visiting.

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