Djebel Babor Nature Reserve, Algeria

Located within the Djebel Babor Mountains of northern Algeria, the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve consists primarily of Mediterranean conifer and mixed forests, an eco-region found in the high North African mountain ranges, as well as in southern Spain. This unique eco-region is home to the Barbary Macaque, an Old World monkey species which is considered to be endangered, as well as the Atlas Deer, and visitors to the reserve may be fortunate enough to catch sight of one or more of these rare animals.

The Djebel Babor Mountains form part of the Petite Kabylie Mountains, which together with the Grand Kabylie, form part of the extensive Atlas range of mountains running parallel to the Mediterranean coastline. Fast flowing streams and mountain springs occur throughout the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve, and the scenery is breathtaking. The abundant birdlife in the reserve has made this protected area of Algeria a prime destination for birding enthusiasts. Birds which may be spotted in the reserve include great spotted woodpecker, wood pigeon, rock dove, nightjar, jay, spotted flycatcher, pied flycatcher, jay, hawfinch and the endemic Kabylie nuthatch.

Due to its bio-geographical value as one of the few remaining primeval Algerian forests, the status of the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve was changed from a national park to a nature reserve in 1985. Entry is controlled and the area is patrolled by wardens to prevent timber extraction, hunting and grazing. Those who are there to enjoy the natural beauty of the area will find a visit to Algeria’s Djebel Babor Nature Reserve to be a memorable experience.

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