UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Taza National Park, National Park, Algeria

Compared to other national parks in Algeria, the Taza National Park is one of the smallest, covering an area of approximately thirty seven square kilometers. The closest town to the park is Jijel, located in the Jijel Province, and sixty kilometers to the east of Bejaia. Even though it does not cover a large area, the Taza National Park is still a diverse park with varied ecosystems and wonderful wildlife for visitors to enjoy. It was even recognized as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, reaffirming the uniqueness of this spectacular national park.

The landscape of the Taza National Park consists of fascinating grottoes, long stretches of sandy beaches, beautiful woodlands and breathtaking cliffs, accommodating a wide variety of species that have made the Taza National Park their home. One of the endangered animal species found in the park, is the Barbary ape, and bird watching enthusiasts will find the park to be a treasure chest of bird species, including the protected and rarely seen Sitta ledanti, of which the park boasts with an estimated three hundred and fifty individuals.

Taza National Park is also fortunate enough to enjoy a reasonably moderate climate and temperatures below freezing are almost never experienced. This feature has assisted specific tree and plant species to flourish in the park, such as Alnus glutinosa, Acer monspessulanum, Quercus canariensis and Salix pedicellata. Taking all the diversity of this little park in consideration, it is big in fauna and flora and an asset to the attractions and activities in Algeria.

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