Algerian Craft Industry Revival

In 2006, it was estimated that approximately 200 000 Algerians were employed by the crafts industry in Algeria. The traditional crafts such as carpets, pottery, metal craft and leather work are an important income to the country. The Algerian Government has realized the significance of the industry and has lent its full support of reviving the craft industries for the export and for tourism.

Algerian crafts are unique and vibrant in color. The craftsmen are extremely talented and their skills cover a wider market than just that of carpets and pottery. Wooden sculptures, weaving, basket making, and jewellery design is an art and a tradition that has been passed through many generations of Algerian artisans. Not only is the craft industry a form of income and employment, but an expression of Algeria’s rich culture, rituals and proverbs.

The carpets that are woven by the Algerian women, are unique to the area they live in. Each carpet displays certain characteristics and features that make these carpets one of a kind. For nomadic Algerians, their tents and carpets are an important part of their lifestyle and both are as important as the other to their owners.

Leather work and craft is also an import part of the Algerian craft industry, as Belgha or slippers that are made by these craftsmen are still a favorite purchase by locals and tourists and are in high demand in other countries. The beautifully handcrafted and decorated leather can be seen on shields and weapons, and the manufacturing of leather wallets, handbags and saddles have become increasingly popular.

With successful promotion and export of the Algerian craft products, experts anticipate that crafts industries will generate a greater income and more employment opportunities for the citizens of Algeria. The breathtaking color, detail and effort that goes into each product lends itself to the fascination and interest of the Algerian craft industry and is an export proudly supported by the Algerian Government and the Office of Exports.