Boumerdès – The coastal gem of Algeria

The province of Boumerdès is located in the north of Algeria, with its nine districts being located between the cities of Tizi-Ouzou and Algiers. It is a very diverse province, with modern cities, popular holiday destinations and historic towns contributing to the uniqueness and magnificence of the province. Its capital city, Boumerdès, is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, transforming the city into an ideal vacation destination, as well as an economic centre. Travelling through the Boumerdès province, guarantees to surprise and inspire visitors.

Visitors to Algeria, will find the city of Boumerdès a mere fifty kilometers away from Algiers, and was first named by the French, during their occupation, known then as Rocher Noir. The city has grown into a bustling industrial and commercial centre, that does not only assist in the economic development of the province, but has become and educational powerhouse, with institutions such as The Algerian Petroleum Institute, The National Institute of Mechanical Engineering, the University of M’hamed Bouguerra and many others being located here. With so many research and educational centers making Boumerdès their home, the city has become popular with foreign visitors and locals, moving to the city to further their education.

Of all the historic towns that are scattered throughout the province, there are three towns that are significantly important. Dellys, Zemmouri El Bahri and Djinet all have ancient ruins and sites that are monuments to the colorful history of the province that saw various tribes and occupiers leave their mark on the region. Delly is especially beautiful with its breathtaking coastal caves, endless beaches and Casbah that visitors are able to explore. It is a stone’s throw away from Algiers, giving travelers the option to enjoy this quaint town for a day excursion. The region was almost devastated in 2003, when a major earthquake hit the province, causing massive damage to cities and injuring many. Courage and resilience has seen the towns and cities rebuild and restore themselves, with a few reminders still visible.

Discovering the natural attractions, fascinating cities, ancient towns and magnificent coastal treasures of this province is a rewarding experience and anyone visiting Algeria, is recommended to add the province of Boumerdès to their itinerary and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.