Camel Trekking in Algeria

Algeria and its neighbor Morocco share one breathtaking feature that makes outdoor activities in these two countries unique, namely the Sahara Desert. Its endless hills of flowing sand, broken only by the odd small oasis scattered throughout this barren desert, makes this a destination worth exploring. And many tourists certainly do make the journey to Algeria to visit the Sahara. The Sahara often conjures up romantic and mysterious images, making the desire to explore the desert even greater. To ensure a spectacular and unforgettable desert adventure, visitors are recommended to join a camel trek through the Sahara.

The well-known local desert tribe, the Tuareg, have welcomed visitors into their tradition and culture by offering camel treks into the Sahara Desert. There are also a variety of trekking routes to choose from and the duration of the trek depends on the destination selected. One of the more popular routes takes visitors to the southern frontier of the country, deep into the Hoggar Mountains. This trek takes approximately a week, but its breathtaking rock formations and towering ridges are worth the time spent on a camel. A detour through the desert town of Tamanrasset, which has changed little over the ages, is another jewel of the Sahara that has to be explored.

A camel trek to Tassili n’Ajjer is also a unique experience, as this UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to endangered fauna and flora, magnificent ancient cave art and unique rock formations that will leave visitors speechless. Trekking to the Amguid Meteor Crater is also recommended, as well as visits to the Essendilene Oasis and the Djanet Oasis. Guides are known to share their knowledge with trekkers, informing them on the ways of survival in the desert and teaching them how they read the stars to navigate through the endless ocean of sand. Riding camels can be a little daunting at first, but trekkers will get accustomed to the rhythm of these beautiful animals quite quickly. Sleeping underneath the great blanket of stars every night is an experience few forget, as the peacefulness of the desert evenings put visitors to sleep, and picturesque sunrises bring the promise of another day of adventure and discovery.