Oued el Abiod: Appreciating the Splendor of Nature

Looking for something interesting to do while you’re visiting Algeria? You might find that a trip to Oued el Abiod will amaze and excite you. This great topographical attraction boggles the mind and gives you an immense appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Oued el Abiod in Algeria might easily be called ‘The Gorges’ in English. These incredible natural spectacles were beautifully carved out of the soft Aures Mountains by seasonal rivers over the course of millions of years. Each portion of the gorges is unique and inspiring, and it is worth exploring all aspects of them to get the full impression of this great natural attraction. Visitors to Oued el Abiod will usually approach via the N3 or N31, depending on whether they are arriving from the north or south of the country. Many visitors will simply pass by without even realizing that such a great natural spectacle lies close by. If you are planning to pass through the area between Batna and Biskra, make sure you take your time and try to avoid public transport, which will over-shoot the area resulting in you missing out on this great attraction in Algeria.

Most visitors start their exploration of Oued el Abiod in the village Rhoufi, which is the easiest place from which to reach the Gorge of Tighanimime. Rhoufi is located about 90 kilometers from Batna and has a reputation for busy vendors enthusiastically trading goat-hair carpets. However, far more impressive is the Rhoufi balcony, from where you can gain your first glimpse at the impressive Oued el Abiod gorges you will be exploring from high above. After venturing through the village and setting out for the gorges, you will find the walk on foot very pleasant as a palm-sided river bed accompanies you on your trek. Steep hillsides and the little river keep you cool even in summer. Little villages dot the route and can be explored as you make your way along. If you travel in a southerly direction, you should reach the Baniane oasis by lunch time and the beautiful M’Chounèche oasis by the end of the day. You an choose how long you want to spend walking Oued el Abiod in Algeria but if you walk the whole way it will take you three to four days. Visitors should keep in mind that the area is fairly rural and there isn’t much in the way of accommodation, although you should find nice enough facilities at some of the bigger pit-stops along the way. For that reason you should take your own camping equipment, food and bedding, although you shouldn’t have to carry too much as supplies can usually be purchased along the way.