Pan-African Cultural Festival Starting Soon

It has been 40 years since the first Pan-African Cultural Festival of Algiers took place – 40 years too long. Now after years of dormancy, the event has finally made its way back into the limelight. The 2nd Pan-African Cultural Festival is scheduled to take place from 5-20 July in Algiers and already the line-up promises to be mind-blowing.

The culture festival is an official African Union function which has been authorised by Heads of State and Government across the continent. With this in mind the Algerian government has seen fit to invite artists from various African countries to participate. South Africa has certainly not been overlooked and it is hoped that quite a few South African artists will choose to respond and take part in this massive event.

The 2nd Pan-African Cultural Festival has also been given a theme: “The African Renaissance” – an appropriate choice considering that this is essentially the ‘rebirth’ of this truly African event. The Festival promises to showcase a variety of art forms which have all played an important role in African cultural heritage. These include music, dance, theatre, film, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography, literature, books, crafts and more.

For some time now web designers have been hard at work creating a website for the event. The website was commissioned by Mrs Khalida Toumi, Algeria’s minister of culture, and it has finally been launched. Those interested in seeing what sort of topics and arts are going to be on display at this fantastic event can now visit to find out more.

A lot has happened on the continent since the first Pan-African Cultural Festival took place in July 1969. For starters, almost all African countries now enjoy independent rule. The decision to resurrect the event was made with the adoption of the Charter of Cultural Renaissance of Africa in January 2006 which opened the way for Algiers to be selected as host. Algiers is already gearing up of the event which is getting closer and closer to its due date. Those with entrepreneurial spirit are finding ways to make the most of the hundreds of thousands of people that are expected to visit the city during this time period. No doubt, the festival will reach every expectation of reviving Africa’s artistic greatness.