Talented Ali Amran

Ali Amran readily acknowledges that his unique sound is rooted in his native Kabylia, a historic and ethnic region located in the north of Algeria. Using strong vocals and accompanied by acoustic guitar, this popular Algerian musician successfully blends a number of genres to create a sound that appeals to his growing number of fans and has earned him recognition and critical praise from fellow musicians.

Ali Amran’s talent became apparent at a young age when he began composing music inspired by traditions that he was exposed to as a child. In 1994 Ali completed a studio recording with the title ‘Adu’ (Wind), which was soon featuring among the top local songs on Algerian National Radio’s French channel. It is evident that Ali is open to new experiences and the viewpoints of others. This interest in varied experiences has been enhanced through his studies of English literature and Berber culture. He has traveled extensively in his home country of Algeria, as well as to places such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Helsinki and various destinations in Morocco, all of which have broadened his horizons, as reflected in his lyrics and music.

Ali’s 1998 solo album ‘Amsebrid’ (The Backpacker) revealed his deep feelings regarding the political strife in his homeland. Critics noted that while his lyrics may have at times been heart-rending, even bitter, the way in which they were expressed and his musical style showed a positive commitment to moving forward.

In the year 2000 Ali settled in Paris, where he explored his musical talents by including bass and percussion. He played in concerts at cafés, cultural events, and festivals with a highlight being a performance alongside the legendary Ferhat at the Zenith in Paris in 2003. The huge success of the song ‘Xali Sliman’ (Uncle Sliman), which he performed at the event, resulted in it remaining at number one for five weeks on Algeria’s Kabyle frequency hit parade.

Ali Amran continued to delight audiences when he performed as the opening act for world-renowned Idir at the Zenith in Paris in 2007. His latest album ‘Akk’i D Amur’ was released in 2009 and is enjoying great success. Following up the album with a tour in May and June of 2010, Ali has been entertaining his fans at sold-out venues in his home country of Algeria.