The Amazing El Kala National Park

Algeria may lack the creature comforts of a vacation on the either side of the Mediterranean, but it has a rare collection of sights which you may not find anywhere else. The country is a virtual treasure house of our shared heritage. Algeria travel offers marvelous opportunities for entirely new experiences. General security concerns are somewhat exaggerated and Algeria does have a goodly number of reliable tour operators who can look after your basic needs. Prefer the Riviera if you want luxury, but choose Algeria to broaden your time, and to relax at the same time!

Ecotourism is the rage nowadays, and the intrepid are always on the look out for new destinations with some unique features. A great advantage of earth is the amazing numbers of different habitats which have developed long before humans first appeared. Each habitat has its own flora and fauna, and they all seem to co-exist in wonderful harmony. These eco-systems cannot be understood quickly. Indeed, professional biologists may spend lifetimes trying to decipher all links in a food chain, and the series of delicate balances that nature seems to have evolved.

Human and social development in the past has been cruel to the environment, and many timeless habitats have been substantially eroded, modified, or eliminated altogether. Environmental consciousness is a late 20th century phenomenon, except for the learning curves of some indigenous people. Few habitats remain in their pristine conditions, and countless species have either disappeared or have become endangered.

Any place where land meets the sea is special. Brackishness of water changes every few feet, and this divides classes of insects, plants, marine life, and all animals. Most coastal areas have been inundated by people, resorts, and even industries. This has caused some new birds, exotic vegetation, and domesticated animals to change eco-systems. Pollution, especially of plastic, metals, and chemicals, is as devastating as you can imagine. Every ecological reserve is therefore precious, and worth at least one visit.

Enter Algeria! The El Kala State Park is a treasure of Algeria travel that no one should miss! This biosphere covers more than 70 thousand acres. It is on the border between Algeria and Tunisia, where the African continent has a first glimpse of the Mediterranean waters. El Kala has forests, lakes, and mountains all packaged intriguing with its inherent coastal ambience. You will see creatures big and small living happily with a vast array of vegetative life forms. It is easy to get to El Kala, and you are sure to see sights of earth as it once was. Come to El Kala for a whole new vacation experience!