The Hilton Oasis of Algiers

Rub your eyes, for this is neither Florida, nor the Caribbean! You are just minutes from the center of Algiers, in the country which you thought was all desert and strife! The Hilton in Algiers is like an oasis with luxury, convenience, and security; it is a great place to conduct business, and one should just invite all associates in, and set up a kind of temporary office as such. There must be plenty of Algeria hotels, given its energy resources and tourist potential, but the Hilton really takes the cake!

It is so far removed from the street reality at ground zero that you really do not feel like stepping out of the site during your stay! Fortunately, the hotel is equipped to handle business events big and small, so you can even call a national or a regional conference right within the premises. High speed Internet gives you top functionality, and lets you function from this remote location as though you were on Wall Street! The bar and dining areas have exquisite touches of Algeria, so you get a good feel for the local culture, cuisine, and customs even without stepping out of the hotel!

The airport is just minutes away, as are most important business and government offices. You need lose little time commuting when you choose the Hilton in Algiers. The hotel suits long stays and packed schedules because jogging, a gym, tennis, and a Jacuzzi are on call to keep you fit and free from stress. The rooms are sized and fitted as only Hilton can, and take care of all your rest needs with plenty of space to spare. You can also convert your room into a kind of an office, and work in peace and with peak productivity.

The Reward points are a welcome present after your stay is over, and you are sure to leave for the flight back home with a twinge of regret! The Hilton is a great place to get business done in Algeria, and you can actually have a great time while you are about it!