Uncover the History of the Madaure Ruins

Visitors to Algeria often try to find attractions and sights that are steeped in history, as well as a little off the beaten path. In the Souk-Ahras province of the country, near Thagaste, lies an ancient part of Algerian history, which is not only fascinating to explore, but a wondrous sight to behold. It is a monument to the Roman influence in Algeria, and visitors are able to travel back in time to marvel at the earliest design and architectural techniques that ensured the survival of some structures at the Madaure Ruins.

The Souk-Ahras province of Algeria is located in the North-East of the country and is home to the town of M’Daourouch. With an estimated population of approximately twenty-five thousand residents, M’Daourouch is relatively small, but is significant to the history of the country because it is built on a site that once was the bustling Roman city of Madaure. Madaure, also known as Madauros, was established by the Kingdom of Syphax, after which the Romans took possession of Madaure as the second Punic war was coming to an end. During its time, the city was renowned for its schools and educational facilities, luring many famous scholars to its institutions.

Some of the famous names associated with Madaure include Marcellus, Maximus and Nonius (Grammarians), St. Augustine, as well as Apuleius, who gained infamy through his Latin prose writings, of which Asinus Aureus (The Golden Ass) was one. Apuleius was born in Madaure as Lucius Apuleius Platonicus, and was therefore a native to the city. A number of martyrs and their legacies can also be found here. Fortunately, some of the original city still remains on the outskirts of M’Daourouch, which tourist frequently visit. Walking through the ruins of Madaure, visitors will be able to let their imaginations flow, allowing the city to come alive once again. Some of the ruins still bare Christian inscriptions, and a number of noteworthy structures stand out. Vast Baths can still be seen at Madaure, including a Roman mausoleum, basilica and Byzantine fortress. Madaure is a wonderful historical site and monument to the heritage of M’Daourouch, and of Algeria.