Unique Beauty of Gourara

Algeria boasts a variety of regions that are unique and fascinating to explore. From its bustling ancient cities to the breathtaking glittering sands of the Sahara Desert, it is a country filled with adventure and discovery. One of its most unique regions is the Gourara, where open plateaus and stony, flat landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see, and the only rest from fatigue can be found in one of its oases. Not many regions are made up solely of oases, making a trip to the Gourara region truly spectacular.

To experience how it feels to discover a traditional Sahara oasis, visitors are recommended to head towards Timimoun, the capital of Gourara. The endless desert that surrounds Timimoun has seen to it that modernization has not reached the oasis. Using Foggaras irrigation systems and techniques to avoid the scorching sun that have been passed down for centuries, the locals of Timimoun have been able to lead comfortable lives without the interference of technology. Known for the reddish color of its buildings and structures, Timimoun is also an oasis that concentrates on palm cultivation and is popular with tourists for its ancient fortress. The Grand Erg Occidental is also located in Gourara, and is one of the biggest ergs in the country. It is an uninhabitable part of Algeria, and visitors are advised not to travel in this area without a guide as they will not find any villages here to escape the sun or mapped out roads to follow, and getting lost here is easy.

Other villages and oases to explore while travelling through Gourara include the pottery producing village of Massine, Izgzer, Semouta, El Kaf Gabsa, Ouled Said and Tindjillet. The village of Badriane also has a fascinating history, as it once was a vital point for Muslims who gathered here before taking on hajj. The majority of the inhabitants are Zenata Berbers, which are one of the four main divisions of Tuat Berbers. They are mostly farmers who create their livelihood by cultivating millet, dates and sorghum, and are known for raising sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and camels. The Gourara region will most certainly provide visitors with unforgettable memories and a journey through history and tradition like no other region can offer.