Political Parties, Government

Algeria has in place a multi-party political system. In order for Algeria's political parties to gain power they often form coalition governments with those who uphold similar principles. What is a political party? It is a political organization that endorses a particular ideology or bases its standards on particular issues which have the goal of operating some sort of power, typically through participation in elections.

Algeria’s Constitution permits any party to be formed as long as it is not on the basis of religion, race, language, gender, region or corporate. Parties are in no way allowed to violate basic liberties, values and components of Algeria’s identity or violate national unity, security and the integrity of the country’s territory. Parties cannot have a negative impact on the independence of Algeria, the People’s sovereignty and the republican and democratic nature of the country.

No matter what language you speak, Algeria’s political parties are called by the initials of their French name, with only one exception. Generally in formal situations the full name is used. Below we list some of the main political parties in Algeria:


FLN – Front de Liberation National / National Liberation Front
RND – Rassemblement National Democratique / National Rally for Democracy
MRN/El Islah – Mouvement El Islah or Mouvement du Renouveau National / Movement for National Reform
MSP/Hamas – Mouvement de la Societe pour la Paix / Movement of Society for Peace
PT – Parti des Travailleurs / Workers’ Party
FNA – Front National Algerien / Algerian National Front
Ennahda/MN – Mouvement Ennahda or Mouvement de la Renaissance Islamique / Islamic Renaissance Movement
PRA – Parti du Renouveau Algerien / Party of Algerian Renewal
MEN – Mouvement de l’Entente Nationale / Movement of National Understanding


FFS – Frond des Forces Socialistes / Front of Socialist Forces
RCD – Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Democratie / Rally for Culture and Democracy
MDA – Mouvement pour la democratie en Algerie / Movement for Democracy in Algeria


FIS – Front Islamique du Salut / Islamic Salvation Front

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