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Proverbs are brief sayings that are used frequently and often express a simple truth or perception. Algerian proverbs can give you great insight into the culture, views, opinions, customs and life of the population. As with all cultures, proverbs form an integral part of Algerian speech and add a sprinkling of color to any conversation. Why not learn a few proverbs from Algeria? You are certain to impress local residents with your knowledge of their culture.

  • Serr tnin ya erfouh alfin – A secret for two, soon a secret for nobody
  • Djouz aela el ouad el haddar ouala djouz aela el ouad essaket – Cross the loud river but don’t cross the silent one
  • Esberr maftah el djena – Patience is the key to paradise
  • Li fi kerchou tben ma khaf mi nar – The one whose belly isn’t full of straw isn’t afraid of fire
  • Koul klam elkhir ouala skout khir – Speak kindly or refrain from talking
  • Lahna yegleb laghna – Peace wins over wealth
  • Essahba sahba oua niya makanch – Friendship, we call it friendship, but without sincerity
  • El Yedd li tmedd khir men yedd li tchedd – The hand which gives is better than the one which receives
  • Aeel laedaoua mzah – There is an excess of familiarity at the root of all hostility
  • Hbibek min charkek fi lafrah oua laqrah – A friend is someone who shares your happiness and your pains
  • Yedd ouahda ma tsafek – One hand can’t applaud
  • Aedou aekel khir min sdik djahel – A sensible enemy is better than a narrow-minded friend
  • Laghrab habb yemchi mechyet lahmama nsa mechitou – The crow wanted to mimic the pigeon’s walk and forgot his own
  • Elli Khaff slem – The one who shows his fears ensures his salvation
  • Ki nchouf ham el nass nansa hami – When I think of the other’s misfortunes, I forget mine
  • El gaeb hedjtou maeh – The absent has always got a justification
  • Aende echedda oua diq yadhar laedou min sdik – You know who your friend and your enemy are during difficult moments

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