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    Originally posted by left2000 View Post
    Congratulations Suzie for wanting to make your husband feeling at home and create that Algerian Eid atmosphere.

    Firstly, I would say it all depends on which part of Algeria your husband is from. Those in the west of the country have got different traditions than those in the east, and those from the south celebrate it differently from those from the north.

    I come from Algiers, the capital, so I‘ll be more than happy to guide through all the preparation till the second day of Eid. However, if your husband comes from another part of the country then I’ll see how I can direct you to other experts in this forum

    Best Regards wasalam
    Yes you're right, Algeria is a huge country and diffrent regions have diffrent traditions, but in general it is the same rituals, the early morning prayer ( Sallat el Eid), then family visits, lunch, kids with new clothing...
    Oh God I miss all of it, and my mouth is watering just thinking about the smell of the food and sweets


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      Eid nostalgia

      Hahaha! Sister Nedjma, you’re making me feel the taste of the family gathering already.

      You thought of Rechta, yeh? With a bit of Leben aside as well, yes? And can you still smell that Henna on our hands the day before, with a bit of Ma’a Zehar in it?

      Ya Allah! I remember the red ribbons I used to tight my hair with and the polished shoes with a little handbag ready to put some coins in it.

      Darling that’s too much nostalgia already. Thanks for sharing

      I’m in London UK by the way, where about are you?

      Oukhtek left2000


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        El henna ou naboulates, ou lakrem, oul'gato l'gato l'gato!!! eeehhh da kan zaman ouma dil we 'eti koulou rah ou khlass

        Washington state, Seattle. whesh men houma?


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          Makrout La'asel, mmm

          el ghatou, ya kheti. Chehal nehabouh..................

          lol. Tu te rappel du sacrée Cœur ou la rue Didouche? Eltama En qat3at Sourti ya kheti.



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            Thank you for this. My husband is from Algeirs and we have planned to celebrate with some of his family and I have invited my family to join us. I will start making the sweets in the last week of Ramadan. My husband often talks about his Granny's couscous that she used to make. Apparently she made the couscous herself. I'm not sure if I could do that here but would definately be willing to try. Any recipes and ideas on how to make the couscous from scratch (instead of buying it from a box) would be great.
            Thank you so much for your help and support.


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              Originally posted by left2000 View Post
              el ghatou, ya kheti. Chehal nehabouh..................

              lol. Tu te rappel du sacrée Cœur ou la rue Didouche? Eltama En qat3at Sourti ya kheti.


              EEhhh emal bent houmti , ana tani men Didouche


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                I wouldn't try the couscous from scratch, if there is no body to show you how to do it, it is a form or pasta, but it is a whole process, you need to know what kind of semoulina goes in to it, usually 2 kinds , the starter one is a little corse, and you need a handfull of it, and the reste is fine semoulina. You need also special tools to do it, a kind of large flat circular called 'djefna' or gassa'a bing and a couple of sifters, kind of complicated to explain, so the best thing is to buy the couscous, or ask if any of his friends has some from Algeria. And if you get the chance to go one day, don't forget to see the process it's intersting and fun.

                Find Algerians ladies in your ares, maybe they'll help .

                good luck


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                  This will be the first Eid my husband and I spend together and we be spending it doing Omrah in Mecca Inshallah! so i don't have to worry about making sweets, infact I don't have to worry about what to cook for futoor because we are going this week inshallah!

                  It will be a new experience for me to spend ramadan and eid in a Muslim country.

                  By the way, my husband invited hs friends over yesterday for futoor and they all loved what i cooked alhamdulillah!! I cooked felfel (mixed peppers), chorba frik, bourek, chicken and olives tagine and el lahm lahlou. I am so happy with my sucess that im not going to bother cooking anything this week! lol


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                    Good for you!!!

                    And happy Omra, enjoy!
                    Don't forget prayers for all of us


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                      Saha fetourek

                      Originally posted by nedjma95 View Post
                      EEhhh emal bent houmti , ana tani men Didouche
                      saha Fetourek kheti. Wach? Kack quelb Elouze? lol

                      You know I can hardly write Algerian in here, but it sounds fun. I wonder if we can teach it though, to those who were asking to learn the dialect? mmmmm??/

                      so bint Didouche, ye? Mliha.

                      Les choses on changer, la bas. Cette été j’ai été j’ai vue les nouveau magasin, le nouveau passage souterrain depuis chant de manouvre, et les habitent aussi.

                      Rani habta dans une semaine inchallah, wach quech ma’njiblik men rihat el'bled ?


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                        Ou n'ti zada,
                        Je sais el fouara dia chan de manoeuvre makache nahaouha, khessara, kanet le charme dial "chamaneuff"

                        MMmm ouesh edjibili, ah je sais, Silikto, h'rissa, kalb el louz, ou shouiya karantita, hada makane

                        N'chaAllah trouhi bekhir ou toueli bilhir, passe de bonne vacances, selmi 3la Didouche ou chamanouff


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                          Ramadan recipe ideas.

                          Please take a look at my blog Sweetpea & Jasmine | An exploration of food. for some Algerian recipes.
                          This year I'm going to update it with loads of recipes for salads and lighter main courses as Iftar will be coming in so late ( and so I can eat more Borek and sweets!)Sweetpea & Jasmine | An exploration of food.


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