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  • Inspired by a previous thread

    A while back I saw that someone had made an Algerian flag out of a cake, so, for the World cup I made some cakes with a flag too... (I have only just worked out how to attach a picture)
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    Hi Felicity!

    That was my cake I'm glad I inspired you, your cake is nice so are your cupcakes, I'm sure they're delicious too

    But in the first picture it must be white instead of brown


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      I think I will always remember your cake twilight with the cherries making up the crescent & star!

      It was brown because it was coffee cake with coffee icing, didn't realise how brown the coffee icing would be until it was too late but it went down well and encouraged my office colleagues to support Algeria in the Algeria vs England match. Not that it was that difficult as we are in Scotland though....


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        I'm very glad you like it, thanks Felicity

        No I was joking I knew it was made of something brown I thought it was chocolate

        That's nice of you to get your colleagues encourage Algeria It was a very nice match, sadly they didn't score but it was very exciting match to watch


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          BeeMyBaby ! I think Twilight is right your cake looks nice and I hope they are also nice in their taste too but if you are trying to make a country flag then you should follow the colors of the flag. But I must say great effort by your side and I would like to appreciate you at this effort.


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