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  • Reda Hassaine perd son pantalon

    Je tiens a vous annoncer la naissance d'un journal ou tout un chacun s'exprime librement destiner a l'ensemble des francophones.
    L'adresse du e-journal est:

    *** Link to Reda Hassaine intox deleted ***

    Bonne lecture a tous
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    Come in Bond, sit down, I’ve been expecting you - although I see you tried to deceive us by arriving in one of your older disguises. The truth is, old chap, you’re closer to being a Walter Mitty than you are to being a James Bond, and it’s clear that you’re not really very good at this ‘secret’ stuff any more.

    When you attempted, using your jsdfa disguise, to make a post at 18.17 (French time), yesterday, and found that you were unable to do so, that should have set an alarm bell ringing, something along the lines of “They’re on to me!” But oh no, on you blundered, resurrecting your jssp ‘cloak’ to have another go at promoting yourself online. is not a carousel for elderly chameleons to use for the purposes of deceiving others or diverting them from here to yet another of your self-made blogs, created for the purpose of drawing attention to your execrably written ramblings.

    You are Reda Hassaine, ex-FIS, ex-fake GIA operative when working as an informer for the DRS, ex-informer for the French DGSE, ex-informer for Britain’s MI5 and Britain’s Scotland Yard, and your modus operandi has been to infiltrate Algerian communities while selling yourself, and others, to various intelligence agencies.

    While you might prefer to describe yourself as an ‘agent’ – and after all, I can understand why a bent old nail that has been bashed about while being used by various foreign hammers might want to try to polish itself up a bit, in a forlorn attempt at pretending to still have some utility and market value – that’s just your inner Walter Mitty speaking. Let us speak plainly – you had handlers, you were paid for the information that you supplied about others, you sold yourself, you were an informer.

    In a world of plots, fabricated plots, alleged plots, entrapment, agents provocateurs, campagnes d'intox, and whispered telephone tips that result in the monitoring, arrest and attempted recruitment of the innocent along with the guilty, you should understand why members of any website might be alarmed that someone with your pedigree could slip in anonymously among them for purposes unknown, perhaps acting on behalf of agencies unknown.

    Fortunately, your ‘tradecraft’ is so abysmal that you have, in your hunger for attention, ‘outed yourself’ elsewhere. In other places one can learn of your pouting after your British paymasters dumped you, of clashes with Algerians who allege that you have Algerian blood on your hands as a consequence of your ‘work’, your refutation of such allegations, your whining in the British press about how badly you were treated, etc etc. When confronted by Algerians who do not share your estimation of yourself as some kind of superhero your usual reaction has been to abuse them, to accuse them of cowardice for ‘hiding behind a pseudo online’ and to demand that they give you their real names.

    Quite what differentiates their use of an online pseudo from your own practice of registering anonymously on websites – with multiple IDs – in order to lure people into visiting your “Et puis j’ai dit, et puis j’ai dit, et puis j’ai dit" blogs is not easy to discern. While it seems that you imagine yourself to be smarter than everyone else, the people who you abuse for using pseudos do at least have the advantage of maintaining their personal dignity, unlike yourself, who has come here like a man trying to slip unobserved into a party but instead has found himself with his trousers pulled down and a flashlight shining upon him. Your former employers - and any current or potential ones - will be rolling their eyes at this, your latest debacle.

    You may wish to abuse me for having a pseudo, you may wish to demand my real name (in order to sell it), you may wish for many things. But here you won’t be getting any sales, nobody is going to be deceived by you, entrapped by you or sold by you. If you like, you can call me Keyser Söze, as I am clearly more capable than you are at protecting my identity. As for you, none of your sock-puppet IDs are ever going to post here and your failed efforts so far have done nothing more than lose you a number of email addresses and several IP addresses – you can take comfort from the fact that the site owner isn’t like you and ready to sell your details to the highest bidder.

    Only Allah can judge us, it is true, but that does not prevent any of us from reaching an informed opinion about many things. Your flexible morality – and your evident willingness to commit a criminal act shortly after obtaining your British citizenship (tsk tsk, what will your coterie of admiring Western journalists say when they learn this ?) – is clear enough to me:

    I deleted that post when you made it, as this site was never going to facilitate your preying on a vulnerable Algérienne, although evidence of your apparent willingness to throw yourself at an anonymous female online remains, as does your offer of an apartment for a short period of time (‘Anyone want to stay in my bugged apartment for two weeks?’ seems almost too tempting to refuse, eh?). But taken together with your previous attempt to use this site for a criminal purpose, your latest attempted deceit places you firmly outside the ranks of people who are welcome here.

    This site is not a dead letter box for informers or their puppetmasters, it is not a place where those who swim in a dirty world can come and threaten the safety and privacy of Algerians. And if the reason for your attempted deceit here is that you are finding it harder and harder to enter Algerian communities ‘as yourself’ then you should regard that as a bonus payment that your former paymasters forgot to tell you about – and that you never gave any thought to when you were grabbing the money.

    OK, there is no more to be said, other than the fact that you are permanently banned from this website and that it is probable that your ‘market value’ has just plunged a little lower. Take heart – Algerians have a wonderful sense of humour and I have no doubt at all that your failed infiltration and frustrated utilisation of this website will have triggered howls of laughter. A final word of advice – the more often a moth tries to fly towards the flame, the greater the chance that it is going to get burned. Especially if it is old, fat and not very smart.


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        Monsieur "Regardez-moi tout le monde"

        Lundi, 11 Octobre 2010


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