The entire region - Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Libya, Yemen, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and so on are war torn or involved in wars. International military power games are going on in Syria for the past 4 years that has killed more than 250000 innocent civilians, forcing 3 million refugees to flee the country, children shivering and walking for 10s of kms, crossing borders, from Syria to Turkey to Greece, then on to Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia with the aim of reaching Germany, Norway, Sweden, to start their life again anew with safety. Why ? Is it not the power mongering of the Heads of States ?
Is it not the vested interests of Super powers ? The US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, France, Geramany, NATO are all bombing every meter of the small nation.
The barbaric ISIS is marauding through like Vikings and Chenghish Khans, killing, plundering, raping, enslaving women.
Has the world reached a human apocalypse?
Has the human race forgotten kindness, justice ?
Is this not a cauldron of chaos ?
What is the reason ? What is the end game ? How to stop it ?