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  • Algerian Arabic

    Can anyone recommend a book or a website where I can learn Algerian Arabic? I would like to surprise mon petit ami. Thanks!

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    Algerian-English Dictionary

    Originally posted by Jen
    Can anyone recommend a book or a website where I can learn Algerian Arabic? I would like to surprise mon petit am
    i. Thanks!
    Algerian Dardja-English Dictionary ----I have it listed that way in my favorites AOL. But the listing when it is on is But I know there is the site and it is a 40 page dictionary.


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        updated link

        I have the same link to the Algerian Darja- english dictionary but when I tried to use the one in the email it failed. Then I used mine and I will copy it again here I think it was just missing the last slash. Inshallah


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          Re: HELLO

          Originally posted by dunya
          Hello Dunya, my name is lisa, i live in London and know some algerian people, where in london do u live?
          Do you want 2 be friends?

          L M Billington


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            Hi people

            Hey a palestinian guy and really likes-actually loves-Algeria, and ana nmout 3la il rai il dziri...
            anywayz..thanx for the algerian dictionery's soo useful...
            yalla salem...ya3teekoum il si7a..!


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              Darja-English Dictionary

              Copyright 1992,93,94,95

              Dico Development Group (DDG)

              This project is still in progress and would greatly benefit
              from your input. As you will see, it contains many mistakes,
              of all kinds. Please feel free to react. For comments,
              corrections, complaints, feedback (good or bad), contact Ahmed
              Bouzid at:

              If you want to join the DDG, please let us know.


              adj. adjective. suff. suffix.
              adv. adverb. syn. synonym.
              Ar. Arabic. Tam. Tamazight.
              arch. archaic. theol. theology.
              art. article. Turk. Turkish.
              c. circa. v. verb.
              colloq. colloquial. var. variant.
              conj. conjunction. vi. intransitive verb.
              dim. diminutive. Egypt. Egyptian.
              vt. transitive verb.
              esp. especially. exc. except.
              exclam. exclamation. < has origin from
              exp. expression.
              expl. expletive. + and.
              fem. feminine.
              fig. figuratively.
              Fr. French.
              fut. future.
              idiom. idiomatic.
              imp. imperative.
              indic. indicative.
              inf. infinitive.
              interj. interjection.
              Iran. Iranian.
              It. Italian.
              lit. literally.
              masc. masculine.
              Myth. mythology.
              n. noun.
              nf. noun, feminine.
              npl. noun, plural.
              nom. nominative.
              O. old.
              obs. obsolete.
              occas. occasionally.
              orig. origin, originally.
              pass. passive.
              philos. philosophy.
              phr. phrase.
              pl. plural.
              poet. poetic.
              poss. possessive.
              pref. prefix.
              prep. preposition.
              pres. present.
              prob. probably.
              pron. pronoun.
              pst. past.
              pt. past tense.
              sing. singular.
              Sp. Spanish.
              superl. superlative.

              Transcription Convention

              Short Vowels w warda (flower)
              a fatHa x xariif (autumn)
              u d.amma y yawm (day)
              i kasra z zayt (oil)

              Long Vowels (madd)


              A Aaswad (black)
              b baab (door)
              B Baat.el (gratis)
              c cams (sun)
              d daar (house)
              d. d.araba (he hit)
              D Dahaba (he went)
              D. D.alaam (darkness)
              E Einab (grapes)
              f fam (mouth)
              g gazuuz (soda)
              G Gadan (tomorrow)
              h haraba (he escaped)
              H Hayaat (life)
              J JaaAa (he has come)
              k kitaab (book)
              l labisa (he dessed up)
              L t.feL (boy)
              m masjid (mosque)
              M s.Maat.a (nagging)
              n naama (he slept)
              N Naayed (awake)
              q qamar (moon)
              r raJul (man)
              R feRHaan (happy)
              s samaaA (sky)
              s. s.iyaam (fasting)
              t tisEa (nine)
              t. t.aara (he flew)
              T TalaaTa (three)



              (exclam) expression used when learning some fearful news. [West]

              (npl) corn. [Jijel]

              (n) ball. [Jijel]

              (1) Islamic activist, usually with militant tendencies.
              (2) someone who fought alongside the Afghan resistance against
              Soviet occupation during 1980's.

              [ < Tam. }
              (n) floor in a house, esp. in a shanty dwelling.

              (exclam) Oh my! Dear me! Exclamation used usually in an
              expression of compassion for someone in distress.
              syn. {AaHHey}, {Aaxxaah}, {Aelhu}.

              (1) (exclam) stop! stop it!
              (2) (exclam) enough! plenty!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {BerKa}, {yezzi}, {riti}, {Hbes}, {riyyed},

              (n) front. [Jijel]

              (n) wooden instrument used for picking olives.

              (n) bowels of a lamb.

              [ < Tam. alamsir]
              (n) animal fur, usually after it is off the animal.
              syn. {hiidora}.

              (1) (adj) fun to be with.
              (2) (adv) well, doing well.

              (n) baby.

              (imp) give, hand over.
              syn. {djiib}, {Het.}, {Aawiid}.

              [ < Tam.]
              (n) wasp. [Jijel]

              (pron) what? [Tlemcen].
              syn. {waac}, {wacnu}, {kifaac}, {AenEem}.

              [ < Tam. azetouf]
              (n) thorny plant that bears wild blackberry.

              (exclam) exclamation of doubt, hesitation.

              [ < Tam.]
              (imp) give, hand over.
              syn. {djiib}, {Aara}, {haat}.

              (n) lit. "brother," usually used to refer to a young man who is
              active religiously.
              syn. {xwaanji}, {frero}, {m-diyyen}.

              (n) type of worm used as fishing bait.

              (1) shouting.
              syn. {Eyaat.}
              (2) noise.
              syn. {Hess}.
              (3) trouble.
              syn. {dwaas}, {huul}.

              (n) lit. "the old man," used to refer to or to address one's

              (npl) the young, the youth.
              also {Ael-ms.aaGer}.


              (adj) free of charge, gratis.

              [ < Ar.]
              (n) my father.
              also {BBa} [West].
              syn. {buya}, {buy}, {Aecciix}.

              (1) someone who lives or who grew up in one of the "bab"
              neighborhoods of Algiers (e.g., Bab-el-Oued, Bad-e-Djedid).
              (2) one who is considered to be a true a native of Algiers.
              syn. {belda}. [Algiers]

              [ < Turk. bach = chief + Ar. teraz = embroidery, tailoring]
              (n) tailor. [Algiers]

              (nf) pistolet.

              [ < Ar.]
              (imp) get out of my way.
              syn. {t.iir}, {AeDheb}, {roH Eliyya}.

              [ < Ar. balouka = your mind, i.e., mind yourself]
              (1) watch out, be careful.
              syn. {redd baalek}, {Aentbeh}.
              (2) get out of the way.
              syn. {BaEEad}, {Aessenna}, {stenna}, {t.iir}.

              [ < Fr. ]
              (n) ball.

              (1) stop! stop it!
              (2) enough! plenty!
              syn. {BerKa}, {riti}, {Hbes}, {AaHbes}, {yezzi}, {riyyed}.

              [ < Sp.]
              (adj) very cheap, gratis. [Tlemcen]

              {bared gelb}:
              (phr) lit. "with a cold heart," usually said pejoratively of one
              who for example takes an insult without reacting; spineless.

              (n) type of ice cream. [Jijel]

              (1) to light.
              (2) to get away.

              [ < Fr. batiment]
              (nf) building.
              syn. {sekna}.

              [ < Turk.]
              (n) vassal under Ottoman rule.

              [ < Turk.]
              (n) district, state, federation under Ottoman jurisdiction.

              (npl) eggs.
              sing. {Beda}.
              also {BeeD}.
              syn. {wlaad e-jjdaad}, {wlaad el-jaaj}, {ED.aam}.

              (v) to salute.

              (n) type of soup, usually served in family gatherings. [East]

              [ < baGl = mule ]
              (n) stupid person, idiot.

              (1) (adj) idiotic, doltish.
              (2) (n) someone acting in a silly, idiotic way.
              (3) (n) a retarded person.
              syn. {t.naH}, {m-Gendef}.

              (n) a native of Algiers.
              syn. {BaBo}.

              (n) type of soup, usually served to guests. [East]

              (nf) taste.
              syn. {dduuq}, {Duqa}.

              (n) big toe. [Jijel]

              (1) stop! stop it!
              (2) enough! plenty!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {yezzi}, {riti}, {Hbes}, {AaHbes}, {riyyed}.

              (1) cooking gas container.
              (2) large saucepan. [Jijel]

              (n) stranger, outsider, foreigner.

              (adv) amidst, within, among.

              (1) dishpan.
              (2) pejorative for "fat woman".
              syn. {mezwed}, {basina}, {bermiil}, {t.ono}, {t.orro}.

              (1) (npl) kids.
              (2) (n) boy.
              syn. {derri}, {t.feL}.

              (nf) little girl.
              syn. {t.efLa}.

              (1) (adj) (adv) enough, plenty.
              syn. {Aellah ybaarek}.
              (2) (exclam) enough!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {Hbbes}, {xLaas.}.

              (npl) kids.
              syn. {draari}, {BeZZ}.

              (nf) spit.

              [ < Ar. bayn = between]
              (prep) between, among.

              (adj) somone who informs on others, a traitor.
              syn. {zeffaaf}.

              (n) type of soup, white in color. [East]

              [ < Ar. bilaad = country]
              (1) countryside or village of one's origins.
              (2) Algeria.

              (prep) without.

              [ < Fr. ble dur ]
              (npl) flour. [West]

              (adj) tasty.
              syn. {mliiH}, {huwwa}.

              [ < Ar. berd = cold]
              (imp) calm yourself, cool down, cool it. [Tlemcen]

              (nf) letter.

              (nf) nagging.
              syn. {bsaala}, {s.Maat.a}.

              (adj) fat.
              syn. {xciin}, {m-ceHHem}, {ceHma}, {djaayeb roHo}.

              (n) stork. [Tlemcen]

              (n) collaborator, traitor.
              syn. {biyyaaE}

              (n) (adj) one who has little style in appearance or behavior,
              usually usued to describe lower class young men.

              (1) (adj) stupid, doltish, foolish.
              (2) (n) a fool, an idiot.

              (n) lead, plumb.

              (nf) fear, anxiety.
              syn. {l-xuuf}.

              (adj) said of a girl who is very pretty, gorgeous.
              syn. {bogos.a}, {Gzala}, {cabba}, {ziin xaaleq}.

              (nf) a cigarette stub.

              (exclam) "good God!"

              (nf) a kiss.

              [ < Ar. boustan = graden + Turk. dji]
              (n) gardner. [Algiers]

              (1) (npl) kisses.
              (2) (imp) kiss.

              (nf) dish prepared on the day of Easoura holidays. [Jijel]

              (npl) spit.
              syn. {bsaaq}


              (nf) type of meal dish, usually presented in important
              occasions. [East]
              also {tcektcuka}.

              (nf) belt.
              syn. {sentura}, {mHezma}, {Hzama}.

              [ < Tam. achouari ]
              (npl) large bags for collecting garbage, using horses to carry
              the bags during collection.

              [ < Ar. ]
              (1) (adj) little.
              (2) (n) small quantity.
              syn. {kemya}


              (1) (n) jackass.
              (2) (adj) stupid. [East].
              syn. {HMaar}.

              (pron) that, that one.
              also {hadaak}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (npl) flies.

              (imp) find a way, find a solution.

              (phr) "how fortunate he was!"
              syn. {Hcaha}, {t.efferha}.

              (nf) ball. [Jijel]

              (1) punch.
              (2) fight, quarell.

              (nf) spit.

              (v) to damage.

              (npl) liquids container.

              (npl) watermelon.
              also {dellaaE}.

              (n) thinker, wise man.

              (v) to fool, cheat, con.

              [ < Ar. durriyya = offspring]
              (n) kid, child.
              pl. {draari}.

              (adv) now, right away, at this moment.
              also {derweq}, {Doka}, {Dokatiik}.

              (adv) now, right away, at this moment [West].
              also {derwek}, {Doka}, {Dokatiik}.

              (v) to push.
              syn. {t.eBBaE}.

              (prep) of, belonging to.
              syn. {ntaaE}.

              (npl) good form, prime shape.
              e.g. "{raah} {Ela} {didaan-u}" = "he is in good shape."

              (v) to do, make.
              syn. {Emel}, {waasi}.

              (adj) dizzy.
              also {dayex}.
              syn. {me-s.rooE}.

              (npl) chicken.

              [ < Ar. jari = running, fluid]
              (n) type of soup.
              also {jaari}.

              (nf) Algeria.
              also {dzayer}, {zazayer}.

              (v) to pull.

              (nf) a women's overall, covering the whole body, worn for going
              out, popular in West.

              (1) (imp) give, hand over.
              syn. {haat}, {Aara}.
              (2) (n) pocket.

              (npl) courgettes. [Jijel]

              (n) silliness, stupidity.
              also {jyaHa}.

              [ < Turk. who does, who is]
              (suff) who does, who has a tendency to do or to be.
              e.g. {sukaardji}.

              (1) come in, go ahead.
              (2) welcome. [Algiers].
              syn. {fuut}, {AeEgeb}.

              (1) head.
              syn. {raas.}, {muxx}.
              (2) intelligence.
              syn. {Eqel}, {fhaama}, {muxx}.

              (adv) now, right away [Algiers].
              also {Dokatiik}, {derwek}, {derweq}.

              see {Doka}.

              (1) (v) turn.
              (2) {door biiha}: (phr) try to seduce her.
              (3) {Ma-ddorch biyya}: (phr) don't mess with me.

              (1) turn.
              (2) stroll.

              (n) monetary unit, the equivalent of a cent.
              syn. {s.oldi}, {s.ordi}.

              [ < ? derbouka = type of small drum, similar to a single
              used in traditional music + Turk. dji]
              (n) a derbouka player.

              (nf) behavior of a youngster acting presumptuously putting
              towards superior or elder.
              also {ts.aaRa}.

              (phr) "little by little," "slowly but surely." [Algiers].
              syn. {beccwiyya}, {bleEqel}, {cwiyaa-cwiyya}.

              (pron) those, those ones.
              also {haduuk}.

              (1) Algeria.
              also {djazayer}, {zazayer}.
              (2) Algiers.


              (n) wedding.
              syn. {Hefla}, {zerda}.

              [ < Ar. Eaql = mind]
              (nf) way of thinking, mind-set.

              (n) horse.

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) (imp) repeat.
              (2) (interj) again!

              (n) dish made of semolina, resembling couscous, but thicker.
              syn. {berkukes} [Center].

              (n) bachelor.

              (nf) uphill.
              syn. {t.elEa}, {djebda}.

              (phr) said of what brings some some little delight, enjoyment.

              (n) male goat.

              (v) to condole.

              (exp) shame on you. Expression usually used by women.


              (1) awake.
              syn. {Naayed}.
              (2) quick witted, said of a child who is alert, intelligent.
              syn. {Faat.en}.

              (n) thief.
              syn. {serraaq}, {tiqardji}.

              (n) chick.

              [ < Ar. fennar = oil lamp + Turk. dji]
              (n) one who used to light street lamps (still in use in 1930 in
              the Casbah).

              (adj) happy.

              [ < Tam. aferdhas]
              (adj) bald.
              syn. {qreE}.

              (1) (npl) lies.
              syn. {xort.i}.
              (2) (v) to lie.

              [ < Ar. foukhar = clay + Turk. dji]
              (n) maker of clay kitchen utensils.

              (1) knowhow, wisdom, understanding.
              (2) superficial or pretentious understanding.

              (adj) said of who who has a tendency to philosophize, has mild
              negative connotation.

              (n) so-and-so.

              (nf) small boat.

              (n) money.
              syn. {draahem}.

              (nf) towel.
              syn. {serbita}.

              (npl) type of thin waffle.

              (phr) "he got away."
              syn. (id.) {Et.a rriiH l-rejlu}, {hreb}.

              (1) breakfast.
              (2) fast-breaking meal.
              (3) lunch [Oran].

              (nf) bad odor.

              (v) to brag.
              syn. {zuux}.


              (adv) also, as well, again.
              also {ganiit}, {ganatiik}. [Algiers]

              (v) posture between standing up and sitting down.

              (n) cigarette.
              syn. {Duxxaan}.

              [ < Tur. non-believer]
              (n) (adj) Christian, European in apperarance.
              syn. {roMi}, {Nes.raani}.

              (1) soda.
              syn. {leMoNad}, {leMoNada}.
              (2) a kindly person.
              syn. {Hlu}, {s.ukker}.

              (adj) expensive.

              (1) lunch.
              (2) tomorrow.
              syn. {Gedwa}

              (nf) cricket. [Jijel]

              (n) tomorrow.
              also {Gedda} {Gda} [West].

              (npl) lit. "rabbits," lies, exaggerated claims.

              (1) a lie.
              syn. {festi}.
              (2) somone who tells lies. [Oran].

              (nf) foreign land.

              (n) little boy. [Setif]

              (nf) little girl. [Setif]

              (npl) kids. [Setif]
              see {Goryaan}.

              (nf) blanket.
              also {kofert.a}, {kovert.a}, {LeZaaR}.

              (1) a feeling of constraint, stuffiness.
              (2) gloominess, depression.
              syn. {diqa}.

              (n) shanty.
              syn. {berraka}.

              (npl) toys, things.

              (phr) how much.
              also {qeddaah}, {cHaal}.

              [ Tam. aguel~il]
              (1) (n) poor person, homeless person.
              (2) (adj) poor, destitute.
              syn. {meZLuut.}, {faqiir}, {caayeH}, {ma-Eenduuc}.

              (nf) men's overall, worn when going out.

              (nf) bridge.

              (phr) "he was too obvious," "he went too far," "he exaggerated."
              also {qerreEha}.
              syn. {s.emmet.ha}, {besselha}.

              (nf) small get-together, usually informal and intimate.

              (1) (nf) good looking girl.
              (2) (adj) good looking, when speaking
              of a girl or a woman.


              (pron.) that, that one.
              also {daak}.

              (pron.) those, those ones.
              also {dok}.

              (nf) creature, usually animal; a monster.
              pl. {hwaayec}.

              (imp) take.
              syn. {AaHkem}, {xuud}.

              (1) a state of disorder, bedlem.
              (2) trouble.
              syn. {zga}, {Eyaat.}, {AessuGaan}.

              [ Ar. ham~am = sona-bath + Turk. dji]
              (n) employee in or owner of a sona-bath establishment.

              (n) during the war of Indendence against the French, name given
              to Algerians who served under the French as informers against
              Algerian nationalists.

              (interj) a politeness term used when some profanity or reference
              to inappropriate subject (e.g., garbage) is about to be made.

              (n) an easy-going, fun to be with person.

              (n) peut designer une piece, ou meme ensemble de maisons.

              (exclam) excellent! eq. "out of sight!"
              syn. {m-ReBBeB}, {y-edjbed l-gaaz}.

              (1) stop! stop it!
              (2) enough! plenty!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {BerKa}, {yezzi}, {riti}, {AaHbes}, {riyyed}.

              (nf) said of an incline when descending it.

              (nf) talk, gossip.

              (v.) to fool, as in a bluff.

              (nf) a bluff.
              syn. {xedEa}

              (n) barber.

              (adj) bare-footed.

              (adj) bully, one who mistreats those weaker than one.

              (n) sona-bath.

              (1) term of endearment, as in "dear", "honey".
              (2) a cute girl; a good looking girl; a girl.
              syn. {madamma}, {zella}, {gezza}.

              (adj) someone who farts.
              syn. {teccaac}.

              (n) fart.
              syn. {tecca}.

              (n) paille.

              (nf) a thing.

              (n) lit. "snake," an agent of the secret service. [Oran]

              (1) type of tomato soup. [East]
              (2) une sorte de salade froide composee de poivrons vert et
              de tomates grilles peles decoupes en petit morceaux et melanges
              a de l'huile d'olive.

              (n) Plante developpant une tige centrale commestible de gout
              d'ou son nom.

              (1) action of a bully mistreating somone weaker.
              (2) injustice.

              (nf) woman, usually when referring to a married woman.

              (npl) [ < Fr. houleux = stormy, turbulent]
              a state of excited agitation, usually violent, of a crowd.

              (nf) neighborhood.
              syn. {zenqa}.

              (adv) yes [Oran].
              syn. {Waah}, {AanEam}, {Aeh}.

              (phr) how fortunate he was.
              syn. {Debberha}.

              (phr) he fooled you.
              syn. {lEebhaalek}, {daar-haalek}.

              (adj) cross-eyed.

              (nf) lamb fur.

              (nf) belt.
              also {mHezma}.
              syn. {sentura}, {craka}.


              [ < Ar.]
              (1) profanity.
              syn. {Hcuma}.
              (2) fault.
              (3) disgrace, dishonor.
              syn. {Eaar}.

              [ < Ar. 'in = eye ]
              (adv) overtly, without tact.

              [ < Tam.]
              (n) type of pasta. [East]


              (nf) jacket.

              [ < Ar. jari = running, fluid]
              (n) soup.

              [ < Ar.]
              (npl) chicken. [West]

              [ < Ar.]
              (nf) cimetiere.

              (n) newspaper.

              (nf) grenouille.


              (nf) ustensile dans lequel on conseve l'eau.

              (n) toilet.
              syn. {biit l-ma}.

              (n) gun.

              (nf) instrument utilise pour la ceuillette des figues
              de barbarie (El hindi), fabrique de roseau ouvert a l'une de ses
              extremites pour former une sorte de cone a trois doigts a 120
              l'un de l'autre et maintenus dans cette position par l'insertion
              d'un coeur d'epis de mais entre ces doigts la.

              (n) fool.
              syn. {jaayeH}.

              (interj) said in agreement of something said, as in: "you've
              said it!"
              or "that's right!"
              also {kaayna menha}, {hiyya}, {fiha}.

              (phr) {keHHel Eliha}: dream on it.

              (nf) ventre, estomac.

              (1) type of round, flat bread.
              (2) bread. [East]

              (n) public works maintainer.

              (1) in honor of.
              (2) being in the mood for doing something:
              e.g. "{fi} {khatri} {nghenni}" = "I'm in the mood to sing."
              (3) forgiveness.
              e.g. "{xaat.erha} {wasseE}" = "She is forgiving."
              (4) patience.

              (nf) sachet en nilon.

              (n) drunkard.

              (nf) a drinking bout.
              syn. {ceEciiEa}.

              (nf) traitor.
              syn. {Geddaar}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (n) vinegar. [Oran, West]

              [ < Ar. khezna}: safe + Turk. dji]
              (n) treasurer.

              (1) better.
              (2) (n) plenty.

              (nf) ---.

              (1) used to describe a confused state of affairs.
              (2) used to make fun of somone's incompetence. [West]

              (npl) garbage, filth.
              syn. {zbel}.

              (npl) lies. [Algiers].
              syn. {festi}.

              (n) nose. [East]

              [ < Ar. khoubz = bread ]
              (adj) an opportunist who is actuated by self interest and not

              (n) knife. [West].
              syn. {muus}.

              (nf) glance, look.
              syn. {cuufa}, {Nedra}.

              [ < Ar. akh = brother]
              (n) an Islamic activist, usually a young man.

              (v) to look.
              syn. {cuuf}, {}.

              [ < Ar. kim~ya = quantity]
              (nf) a small quantity.
              syn. {cwiyya}.

              [ < Ar. kayf = as, what, similar]
              (phr) the same, of the same nature, similar, as well.
              syn. {{benEemmu}, {xuuh}.

              (1) drunkard.
              (2) kilogram.

              [ < Tam. ]
              (n) couscous. [East]

              [ Fr. Godet]
              (n) metal bottle.

              (nf) kitchen.

              (adj) more.


              (1) (prep.) on, about.
              (2) (adv) concerning, related to.

              [ < Ar. bal = mind, memory ]
              (phr) to be aware of.
              e.g. "Ela baali" = "I know."

              (adv) why.
              also {laac}, {Elaah}, {Elaac}, {weElaah}, {weElaac}.
              syn. {liyyah}.

              see {liyyaah}.

              (n) no.
              syn. {ma-Aaah}.

              [ < Tam.]
              (nf) honorific term used in prefix form when addressing an
              or respected lady.
              e.g. "{lalla} Fatima."

              (n) cerveau (mouton, etc.). [Jijel]

              see {laah}.

              (nf) the capital, usually when referring to Algiers.

              [ < Tam. thawthoulte ]
              (n) rabbit. [Jijel]

              (1) snake.
              (2) a scheming woman; a sharp-tongued woman. [West]

              (nf) boredom.
              syn. {s.Mat.a}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) in any case.
              syn. {Eala kulli Hal}.
              (2) in short.

              (nf) vinegar. [Oran, West]

              (adv) why.
              syn. {laah}, {laac}, {Elaah}, {weElaah}, {weElaac}.

              [ < Tam. fee, from ekkes: to remove, extract]
              (n) a tax imposed during Ottoman rule on peasants when selling
              goods in the market.

              (npl) the parents.


              (n) no.
              syn. {laala}.

              (phr) no matter, that's okay; okay, fine, yes.
              also {ma-Eliic}, {ma-Eliih}, {ma-fiiha baas}.

              (phr) I don't have.
              syn. {ma-neksebc}, {ma-nesEaac}.

              [ < Fr.]
              (nf) young woman, girl.
              syn. {zella}, {Hennuna}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) (exclam) there isn't.
              also {ma-kkanc}.
              syn. {waalu}.
              (2) (n) no, no way.

              (1) (exclam) there isn't.
              also {ma-kac}.
              (2) (n) no, no way.

              [ < Ar. akl = food ]
              (nf) food, meal.

              (n) tax. [Jijel]

              (exclam) I don't have.
              syn. {ma-Eendiic}, {ma-neksebc}.

              (adj) too obvious, not subtle or tactful, crude.
              syn. {bayen}, {Daher}.

              (n) wardrobe, closet. [Tlemcen]

              (1) (nf) brand name.
              (2) (adj) good quality.

              (exclam) ---.

              (exp.) he is worthless.

              (adj) well dressed, usually in a three-piece suit and a tie.
              syn. {Het.t.a}.

              (adj) conned, fooled.

              [ < Ar. houm~ous = --- + Turk. dji]
              (n) a maker of pasta, especially pasta used in soup.

              (adj) needy.
              syn. {me-xs.oos.}.

              (n) rivulet.

              (nf) towel.

              (n) couscous au legumes cuits a la vapeure et sans sauce. [East]

              [ < Ar.]
              (n) roasted lamb.

              (1) haunted.
              (2) possessed.
              syn. {me-drooB}.

              [ < Arab. qafl = lock + Turk. dji]
              (n) locksmith.

              (n) hot shot.

              [ < Tam. thing]
              (n) gold finch.

              (n) a type of very fine-grained couscous. [East]

              (n) roasted lamb.

              (adj) crooked, bent.

              (adj) broke; destitute.
              syn. {trenn}

              (n) sac destine pour la conservation du couscous et autres
              fait generalement de la peau des animaux. Sert aussi a designer
              an instrument of music, the "chekoua".

              (adj) fooled, duped; one who can be easily fooled.
              syn. {buhiyyuuf}, {buhi}.

              (nf) spoon.
              also {mGiirfa}.
              syn. {mEiilqa}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (nf) belt.
              also {Hzama}.
              syn. {sentura}, {craka}.

              (nf) spoon.
              syn. {MoGrof}, {mGiirfa}.

              (adj) round.

              [ < Ar.]
              (nf) pillow.

              (adj) best.

              [ < Ar. ]
              (1) (prep.) from.
              e.g. "{ja} {menn} {Dzayer}" = "He came from Algeria."
              (2) (pron.) who, whoever.
              e.g. "{menn} {kaan} {daak} {e-ssyed}?" = "Who was that man?"

              [ < Ar. ]
              (adv) from where, whence.

              (adj) well dressed.
              syn. {Darebha}, {Het.t.a}.

              [ < Ar. imraAa]
              (1) woman.
              (2) wife.

              (nf) owl.

              (nf) nun.

              [ < Ar. ]
              (nf) mirror.

              (adj) excellent.
              syn. {haayel}.

              (1) well brought-up.
              syn. {D.riif}
              (2) domesticated.

              (1) (adj) in bad shape.
              (2) said of someone who is reckless in behavior or character.

              (npl) the guys.
              also {{Aes.s.Gaar}.

              (adj) slightly drunk or high on drugs.

              [ < Fr.]
              (adj) eccentric, crazy.
              syn. {m-t.oki}, {m-t.eKt.eK}, {m-tiiqer}.

              (adj) eccentric, crazy.
              syn. {m-t.oki}, {m-s.oni}, {m-tiiqer}.

              (adj) disoriented. [West]

              (adj) said of one who is eccentric, especially in a foolhardy
              agressive way.
              syn. {m-s.oni}, {m-t.oki}, {m-t.eKt.eK}.

              [ < Fr.]
              (adj) eccentric, crazy.
              syn. {m-s.oni}, {m-t.eKt.eK}, {m-tiiqer}.

              (n) hunch-back. [Jijel]


              [ < Ar.]
              (n) (adj) Christian.
              syn. {roomi}, {gaawri}.

              (nf) ---.
              syn. {cemma}.

              (nf) a capricious impulse to do something.

              (n) couscous. [East]

              (n) nose.

              (interj) no way, no hope.

              (1) straight ahead.
              syn. {qbala} [Algiers].
              (2) perfectly, as should be done.

              (nf) rain. [West].
              syn. {cta}


              (npl) rondelles d'une chambre a air de bicyclette assemblees
              pour jongler avec les pieds.

              (n) une sangsue, un gratte-sous. [Oran]


              (n) (adj) quelqu'un qui a un diplome, quelqu'un qui a aquis une
              connaissance a l'ecole.

              [ < Ar. Qahwa = coffee + Turk. dji]
              (n) waiter in a cafe.

              [ < Ar. qanoun = type of harp + Turk. dji]
              (n) a player of {qanuun}.

              (n) corde.

              (adv) straight ahead.
              syn. {nicaan}.

              (mod.) how much.
              also {geddah}.
              syn. {cHaal}.

              (---.) less.

              (v.) dive. [Jijel]

              (n) a covetous person.

              (n) (adj) gambler.

              (n) act of punning, usually where the utterer of the pun
              is trying to fool the listener into understanding something
              totally different from speaker's hidden meaning.

              (nf) bottle.

              (phr) "he was too obvious," "he went too far," "he exaggerated."
              also {gerreEha}.
              syn. {besselha}, {s.emmet.ha}.

              (nf) the Casbah.

              (nf) type of burnous avec with hood (qalmouna).

              [ < Ar. {qetran} = asphalt + Turk. dji]
              (n) Confectionneur d'outres a eau induites de goudron.

              (nf) worth.
              syn. {suuma}.

              (nf) shirt.

              (nf) instrument utilise pour la ceuillette des figues
              de barbarie (El hindiya), fabrique de roseau ouvert a l'une de
              extremites pour former une sorte de cone a trois doigts a 120
              degres l'un de l'autre et maintenus dans cette position par
              l'insertion d'un coeur d'epis de mais entre ces doigts la.

              (n) (adj) bald.
              syn. {Fert.aas.}.

              (1) schoolwork, homework.
              (2) learning.


              (phr) lit. "eating while sleeping," said of one who does not
              work for his

              (n) aiguille d'une montre.

              {RayeH fiiha}:
              (phr) "he is disoriented," "he is irresponsible."

              (n) (adj) lit. "carrier," used to describe someone who is trying
              to win
              favor from someone else by being servile to them.
              syn. {ciita}.

              (1) sleep.
              syn. {nuuma}.
              (2) nap.
              syn. {gayla}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) sand.
              syn. {rmel}, {t.raaB}.
              (2) beach.
              syn. {BHar}.

              (imp) pick up.
              syn. {hezz}.

              (n) sleep.

              (v.) go [West].
              syn. {roH}, {AeDheb}, {Aemci}, {Aexrudj}.

              [ < Fr.]
              (1) (imp) stop! stop it!
              (2) (exclam) enough! plenty!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {BerKa}, {yezzi}, {Hbes}, {AaHbes}, {riyyed}.

              see {riti}

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) (imp) sit down, take a breather.
              (2) (imp) stop, cut it out.
              syn. {riyyed}, {Barakaat}, {BerKa}, {yezzi}, {Hbes}, {AaHbes},
              (3) (exclam) no kidding!
              syn. {ma-kac menha}, {t-mesxer}, {Aayya}, {Aawwaah}, {yaxxaah}.

              [ < Ar. ]
              (n) (adj) Christian, or generally anyone of European descent.
              syn. {Nes.raani}, {gaawri}.

              (1) go away.
              syn {Aemci}.
              (2) move, go ahead.
              syn. {Herrek roHek}, {VaNs.i}, {t-Herrek}.

              (adj) skinny.

              (1) ustensile dans lequel on conserve l'huile et l'ben.
              (2) half a kilogram.


              (1) to owe.
              (2) to ask [West].

              (adj) well behaving, polite. [Algiers].

              (1) thank you.
              (2) hello.
              (3) bye.
              also {s.aHHiit.}.

              [ < Sp. escuela]
              (nf) school. [Temouchent]

              (n) prison in Algiers near the Casbah where nationalist
              militants were guillotined during the Independance war.

              (nf) sneaker.

              (n) hospital.

              (n) shoe.

              [ < Arab. s~ebsi = pipe + Turk. dji]
              (n) maker of wooden or clay pipes.

              (nf) excuse, usually a false excuse.

              (1) (npl) insults.
              (2) (n) act of insulting.

              (nf) belt.

              (imp) set right, fix.
              syn. {Eeddel}

              (1) (nf) a deserted place.
              (2) (adj) empty, deserted, lacking.
              syn. {xaalya}, {caayHa}.

              (phr) "he ran away," "he escaped."
              syn. {raaH}, {hreb}, {ftes}.

              (nf) cough.
              syn. {kuHHa}.

              (imp) greet, kiss.

              (n) ladder.

              [ < Ar. sana'a == he did, he made + Turk. dji]
              (n) an artisan, a craftsman.

              (n) trousers, pants.

              (n) dinner, supper.

              (n) social importance, status, worth.
              syn. {qder}, {hemma}.

              (nf) room.
              syn. {biit}, {Gorfa}.

              (nf) traditional head-wear for men.

              [ < Ar. shakhs = person]
              (nf) an important personality.

              (1) complaint.
              (2) contenant en peau pour preparer le petit lait (l'ben) et
              conserver l'eau.

              (adv) how much.
              syn. {qeddaah}

              (n) bully.
              syn. {s.os.t.ara}.

              (interj) expression used when challenging or daring someone.
              eq. "I dare you!"

              (nf) lit. "brush", fig. used to describe someone who is a
              sycophant or a favor-seeker.
              also {ciyyaat}.

              (npl.) moustaches.

              (nf) bag.

              (n) meal eaten before the start of a day of fasting.

              (nf) type of meal dish, usually presented in important
              also {tcetcuka} [East].

              (n) (adj) old man.
              syn. {ciix}.

              (1) (n) (adj) old man.
              (2) (n) a knowledgeable man in Quranic subjects, usually
              advanced in years.
              syn. {cibuux}.

              (n) (adj) bully.

              (interrog) who?

              (npl.) old people.

              (interrog) "what is this?" "what is there?" [West]
              syn. {waac kaayen}, {waac s.Ra}, {wacnu haada}.

              [ < Tam. shdheh]
              (npl.) dancing.

              (nf) a type of meal dish, consisting of meat, eggs, and red
              sauce. [East]

              [ < Ar.]
              (n) honorific, lit. "my master," used when addressing a
              respected male.
              also {ssi}, {siyyed}.

              (imp) send, send away. [West]

              (npl.) laces.

              (imp) look, watch.
              syn. {xzoR}, {liik}.

              (nf) corner. [Jijel]

              (npl.) lips.

              [ < Ar. shayA = something]
              (1) (adj) small quantity.
              syn. {kemya}
              (2) (adv) a limited extent, a limited degree
              e.g. "{mciit} {cwiyya}" = "I walked a bit."

              (n) honorific, used when addressing or referring to a respected
              also {sidi}, {siyyed}.

              (nf) umbrella.

              (phr) "he ran away," "he escaped."
              syn. {sell}, {hreb}, {ftes}, {raaH}.

              [ < Fr. Salade]
              (nf) salad.
              pl. {s.Laayet.}.
              syn. {cLaad.a}.

              (n) light supper offered late during the evening of a wedding.

              (nf) nagging.
              syn. {bsala}, {legya}.

              (adj) fat.
              syn. {djaayeb roHo}, {m-EeMMar}, {Aallah y-barek}.

              see {s.ord.i}.

              (n) an old monetary unit, equivalent to a cent.
              also {s.oldi}.
              pl. {s.waared.}, {s.ward.a}, {s.waald.a}.

              (1) (n) peace, tranquility; peace of mind, equanimity.
              (2) (adj) peaceful, at peace with oneself.
              also {s.os.t.ara}.

              [ < Ar. saghir = small]
              (n) youth, childhood.

              (1) price.
              (2) worth.
              syn. {qiima}.

              (nf) espace commun se trouvant devant les maisons sur les etages
              superieurs d'un immeuble.

              [ < Ar. serf = money, change + Turk. dji]
              (n) money changer.

              (n) pen.

              [ < Ar. sukr = drunkeness + Turk. dji]
              (n) (adj) drunkard.

              (n) honorific, used when referring to or addressing a respected
              also {sidi}, {ssi}.

              (npl.) money.
              sing. {s.ord.i}.
              also {s.ward.a}.
              syn. {fluus}, {drahem}.


              [ < Fr.]
              (nf) table.

              (nf) a small gas furnace.

              [ < Tam. adhajiin]
              (1) clay cooking plate used for cooking {kesra}.
              (2) any meal dish.

              [ < Ar. tar = tambourine + Turk. dji]
              (n) player of tambourine.

              (phr) "it blew up."
              syn. {tfellaq}, {tfelleg}.

              (nf) shame, disgrace, embarrassment.
              syn. {Hecma}, {Eaar}, {Eiib}.

              (v.) to rant, to exaggerate, to lie or invent stories. [Oran]

              (npl.) slippers. [West]

              (tr) jumping and rolling, especially in an acrobatic way.

              (n) Turkish guillotine in the form of a hook.

              (nf) the Westernized youth.
              usage: "la {tcitci}."

              (imp) push.
              syn. {dezz}.

              [ < Tam. abrouri]
              (n) hail.

              (n) dish plate.

              (nf) yawn.

              (nf) uphill.

              (nf) a type of meal dish, usually presented in weddings,
              consisting of prunes, almonds, honey, and meat. [East]

              (phr) "he did not honor his commitments," "he went back on his
              word." [Oran]

              (nf) lie, or promise not kept.

              (n) a type of meal dish, consisting of meat, parsely, and
              slices of lemon. [East]

              [ < Tam. fi = flow + inzer = nose]
              (v.) to have a nose-bleed.

              [ < Tam.]
              (npl.) hirondelle.

              (n) chilling out, hanging out, relaxing.
              e.g. {y-Hebb} {y-etgoEaR}" = "He likes to chill out." [Algiers]

              (exclam) exclamation used when in trouble.
              syn. {t-Zag.aat}.

              {t.iir elliil}:
              (n) bat, as in vampire.

              (tr) to steal, especially in a petty way, as pick-pocketing.
              e.g. "{tiiqer-li} {draahm-i}" = "He stole my money."

              (n) a small-time thief, a thief; someone who has stolen.

              (nf) airplane.

              (interrog) "you want to bet?"

              (adj) stupid, fool.

              (nf) rat.
              also {t.oppa}.

              (npl.) tomatoes.
              syn. {t.Maat.em}.

              [ < Fr. automobile = car ]
              (nf) car.
              syn. {keRRos.a}.

              (nf) rat.
              also {t.oBBa}.

              (npl.) socks.

              (n) (adj) one who lies or doesn't keep his promises.

              (nf) a drubbing, beating, spank.
              syn. {DerB}.

              (nf) electricity.

              (nf) type of pasta. [East]

              (n) sweater.

              (intr) dive.

              (v.) to bully.

              (npl.) oranges.

              (nf) tag game; exclamation used in the game.

              (nf) orange (fruit).



              (adv) yes. [Oran].
              syn. {haaW}.

              (interrog) why?
              also {weElaac}, {laah}, {Elaah}, {laac}.
              syn. {liyyaah}.

              see {weElaah}.

              (1) (n) nothing.
              (2) (exclam) nothing.

              (1) (pron.) what.
              (2) (adj) whatever, as much.
              (3) (interrog) how?
              (4) (exclam) exclamation of surprise, questioning, incredulity.
              also {wacnu}, {wacu}, {wacta}, {wacnu tiik}, {wacen}, {waasem},

              see {waac}.

              see {waac}.

              see {waac}.

              see {waac}.

              see {waac}.

              see {waac}.
              also {Aasem}.

              (tr) do, make. [Algiers].
              syn. {diir}, {Emel}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (nf) ear.
              pl. {wedniin}.

              (npl.) ears.
              sing. {wden}.

              (1) (interrog) when? at what time?
              (2) (conj) whenever.

              see {wektaah}.

              (phr) "in God's name."

              see {wektaah}.

              see {wektaah}.

              [ < Ar.]
              (1) (interrog) where?
              syn. {faayen}, {waayen}, {fiin}.
              (2) (conj) wherever.
              syn. {faayen}, {waayen}.

              {wlaad e-jjdaad}:
              (npl.) lit. "the children of chicken," eggs.
              also {wlaad el-jaaj}.
              syn. {BeeD}.

              {wlaad el-jaaj}:
              see {wlaad e-jjdaad}.

              (npl.) children, especially when speaking of young offspring.


              (interj) hey, hey there.
              syn. {yaw}, {AesmaE}.

              (interj) exclamation of surprise.

              (1) (phr) --
              (2) (phr) isn't it?
              syn. {w-ella la}, {wella waac qolt}.

              (phr) "he pretends," "he acts as though."

              {ya settar}:
              (exclam) lit. "Oh Protector!" usually uttered when in fear or
              syn. {ya HafiiD}.

              {ya zzeH}:
              (exclam) exclamation of surprise, astonishment, incredulity.

              (exp.) espression exclusively used by females to castigate
              or criticize another's action, has only mild negative
              also {Eezziik}.
              syn. {Buuh Eliik}, {y-suwwed seEdek}.

              (tr) "he plays the guitar."

              (intr) "he plays well."

              (intr) "he shines."

              [ < Ar.]
              (nf) my mother.
              syn. {l-eEdjuuz}, {Aecciixa}.

              (intr) "he deserves it."

              (1) stop! stop it!
              (2) enough! plenty!
              syn. {Barakaat}, {BerKa}, {yezzi}, {Hbes}, {AaHbes}, {riti},

              [ < Ar.]
              (intr) lit. "he is sewing," said of someone who is courting a
              girl, trying
              to win her over, especially by talking.

              (phr) it would be appropriate.


              (n) (npl) anger, frustration.

              (tr) "he sent away," "he expelled."
              also {ZeEEek}.

              (intr) "it wriggles."

              (nf) a flu attack.

              (n) cuery powder.

              (exclam) "we are in deep trouble," expression used when feeling
              an emergency is imminent.
              also {t-Zag.aat.}.

              (n) leader.

              (nf) tail. [Algiers]

              [ Fr. les alumettes]
              (npl) matches.
              sing. {ZaLaMiit.a}

              (1) "as though," "as it were."
              (2) "as if you were going to do it."
              also {zeEmatiik} [Algiers].

              see {zeEma}.

              (n) bragger.
              e.g. "{y-ZeMMet.}" = "He is bragging."

              (nf) street, neighborhood.

              (nf) blanket.
              syn. {kovert.a}, {kofert.a}.

              (n) toupie.

              [ < Ar. azraq = blue]
              (v.) beat up.

              (n) un genre de fruit sauvage ayant un gout legerement acide de
              grosseur d'une petite fraise, a la peau lisse de couleur verte
              lorsqu'il n'est pas mur et qui prend un couleur jaunatre a sa

              [ < Fr. deserter]
              (intr) "he deserted," esp. when speaking of army desertion.

              (1) cricket.
              (2) sparrow [Jijel].

              (n) oregano.

              (n) hallucigenic drug.

              (adj) high on drugs.
              also {me-Zt.ooL}.

              (n) (adj) poor person, a destitute, homeless person.
              also {gelliil}.

              [ < Tam. moineau]
              (1) generally used to mean bird.
              (2) sparrow [Jijel].

              [ Ar. zawiya = angle]
              (nf) Quranic school.

              (nf) Algeria.
              also {dzayer}, {djazayer}.

              [ < Turk. izbantout = big and muscled man]
              (n) a single man, a bachelor.

              (n) garbage.

              (npl.) glass. [West]

              (1) go headlong.
              (2) stomp.

              (nf) butter.
              syn. {Dhen}.

              [ < Ar. sadma = shock]
              (nf) the action of going headlong; stamping underfoot.

              (nf) a cold.
              syn. {berd}, {riiH}.

              (n) (adj) an informer, usually one who is trying to win favors
              by telling
              on others.
              syn. {beyyaE}.

              (nf) ventilator.

              (nf) tail [Jijel].
              syn. {ZaEKa} [Algiers].

              (n) tar. [Jijel]

              (n) ululation.
              also {tzGariit}.
              syn. {twelwiil} [Jijel].

              (nf) a yell. [Algiers]

              (1) (n) a fun-loving person.
              (2) (adj) in a state of enjoyment.

              (1) female mule.
              (2) animal, beast.
              pl. {zwaayel}.
              syn. {haayca}.

              (nf) young woman, girl.
              syn. {madamma}, {Hennuna}.

              (tr) "he conned him." [Jijel]

              [ < Tam. head]
              (n) head, forehead.
              syn. {dmaaG}.

              (adj) in a state of total nudity.

              [ < Tam. close, shut, seal]
              (imp) shut up.
              e.g. "{zemm} {fummek}" = "shut your mouth!"
              syn. {Aeskut}, {AeGleq}, {belleE}.

              [ Ar.]
              (nf) street, neighborhood.

              [ < Tam. fence]
              (n) cloture.

              (intr) cloturer.

              (adj) in a hurry, pressed for time.
              syn. {m-qelleq}.

              (nf) feast, gala.
              syn. {Hefla}, {Eers}, {Earda}.

              [ < Tam. azrem = lizard]
              (nf) small lizard.

              (intr) to slide, to slip.

              [ < Tam. bad smell]
              (nf) bad odor.

              (adj) having bad odor.

              (imp) swallow fast, usually when talking about liquid intake.

              (1) loud noise.
              (2) trouble.
              syn. {Eyaat.}, {hamaadj}.

              (n) fun, enjoyment, merriment.
              also {zhu}.

              see {zha}.

              (nf) visit to a cemetary or to a saint.

              (n) long brown caramel candy.

              [ < Fr. egouts.]
              (n) sewer.

              (adj) handsome, pretty. [West]
              syn. {cbaab}, {Bogos.}.

              (n) fox.

              (npl) glass
              also {zjaaj}.

              see {zjaadj}.

              (1) damage, esp. when needlessly wasteful.
              (2) disrespectful behavior with elders.
              syn. {ts.aaRa}.

              (nf) a type of pastry, especially popular during the month of

              (n) old days.
              syn. {bekri}, {Eam jeddi}.

              (n) liquid mixture of lighting alcohol and limonade.

              (nf) dumspter. [West]

              [ < Fr. les ouvriers]
              (n) an ill manered street boy; a bad boy. [West]

              (nf) double-barrelled shotgun.

              [ < Tam. to brag]
              (intr) to brag.
              syn. {fuux}.

              (n) braggart.
              syn. {fuwwaax}, {Haseb roHo}.

              (adj) two.
              also {zuuj} {zuudj}

              (imp) hurry up.
              syn. {Gawel}.

              (adj) incompetent, lacking experience.

              (nf) carrot.
              syn. {sennariyya} [East].

              (n) marriage.
              also {zwaaj}.

              see {zwaadj}.

              [ < Tam. Zwawa, name of Kabyle tribes in the West of Algeria]
              (n) used as a generic term to designate all Kabyles. [Oran,

              (adj) pretty. [West].
              syn. {cbaab}, {bahi}.



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                Grammar of Algerian Arabic

                Another link you might try is is my <a href="">Grammar of Algerian Darja</a>. It's not complete (or even entirely accurate) yet but it's the only grammar on the Web.


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