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How Chinese students are learning the English language

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  • How Chinese students are learning the English language

    The Chinese take English lessons in large groups and shout (pronounce English words) together; this helps them overcome their shyness (everybody is doing it, so nobody is embarrassed).

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    that's kinda what organic chemistry students do... ....


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      Is this an actual class that is done daily??

      wow. if it were done here in the US among the elementary students, most would be playing and goofing around rather than paying attention to the speaker. Look at how focused the Chinese students are!
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        i know... i think every american kid here has like a SEVERE version of ADHD...


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          learn english

          Chinese student doesn't learning english in that way, and it created by a guy named"LI YANG" to teach people how to pronounce and speak english,non-offical one.
          In China the student take english class in the classroom with the english book. Some of good school or university have the teach from USA or UK to teach student.
          The most important is that in China, student study english as the second language from the age around 11 years old. like algeria people learn french


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            Our President Bouteflika has decided to increase business between China and Algeria.
            For business in Algeria, Chinese business people must know French and Arabic.
            I can help with that for English-speaking Chinese students


            ali Ferrane


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              hi, Ali, glad to know that you can help, please add my MSN: for a futher discussion.


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