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Please translate for me

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  • Please translate for me

    Could someone translate this for me please:

    * Phrase removed by Al-khiyal *
    Last edited by Guest 123; 4 January 2012, 20:33.

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    Salam, ya aneczka,

    I have removed the phrase that you posted as it would be considered to be quite/extremely vulgar by the majority of Algerians. If you check your private messages you will find a more extensive explanation. In order to keep such phrases away from the eyes of site readers, if ever you have a similar question could you please submit it to me via private message ?


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      Salam 3alaikum

      what did he/she say ? anything bad about algerians ?

      by the way it's a very nice forum.

      thank u very much.


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        w/salam wa mar7aba, akhi,

        la2, nothing bad about Algerians - but something that an Algerian with good manners and respect shouldn't be saying to a woman if he knows that she cannot understand it..... or even if he thought she could.

        Allah ma3ak


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          thank u for the reply ,

          but i think u should let us see what others tell about us , we have to understand others' culture ,and i think we should talk without taboos ,of course with keeping respect each other.

          thank u again.


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            The site is kept 'clean' akhi, there is no problem about freedom of opinion but with over a million unique readers a year coming here we don't want to inflict crude language on them, do we ?

            All that was removed was an Algerian phrase that an Algerian shouldn't have been using to a non-Algerian woman who didn't understand it. If it had been left in place I am sure we'd have had many, many, many complaints from Algériennes and from Algerians too.


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              well , i got what u meant .

              thank u and have a nice day .


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