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  • Need new words!!!

    Salam, Algerians!
    I need too much some expressions on Algerian Arabic in English transcription about love, relationship, family. For instance - "I love you,"I miss you", "I want to marry with you", "mother", "husband" and so on.

    I'm waiting. Please, help me, it's very important for me.

    Lannia, (Russia)
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    how r u
    u want word in arabic or algerian
    i mean u need ARABIC FUS HA OR algerian


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      I love you : Nhebek, nechteek, naachak fik
      I miss you : Twahashtek
      I want to marry with you: nhawess netjawej beek ( others say nebghi instead of nhawess)

      Mother: it depands on the region, here we say : Ma, peoples of Algiers say: Yemma, in the west you hear: sheebania

      Husband: Rajel, and if you say : my husband : rajeli

      And I leave berbers add their words cuz I dont know this language.


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        i am from ALgeir the city... you can also say these as well..

        I want to marry: habeet netzewaj beek.

        Mother: i say mama... sheebania is a little rude here... because it is like saying old women.. but if those ppl say that then it's no prob... just know when to use it! XD

        Father: Baba... some say Papa.. that's if they are soo into french.. like may be affected by the colonization!

        ok.. yeah ask me more and i will gladely tell u more! XD


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