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Girls are you watching Sex & the City ??????

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  • Girls are you watching Sex & the City ??????

    Can you join me to discuss the in Europe we are so behind we are still in hollywood having fun...brazil style bikinis, gone to Playboy mansion party and got thrown out. Im real life Carrie but likes charlotte alot...i need to find Samatha anyone brave enough to share with us ???

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    Tamy i love that show! I'm more of a Carrie too,particularly with the shoe fetish're right though..we need a feisty Samantha type...Irish where you at?...stop hiding out with Yasmena, (i can see the smoke from here you know..hee hee)
    also we need a Mr Big..but please don't say Raphie...we need a cigar puffing,limo riding man's man..and no offence but that's not the image i conjure up when thinking of our dear Raphie (who is still AWOL somewhere on planet earth...)
    storylines please folks

    check this great link

    'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..


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      Samantha lol!

      The one who said

      "There's not enough wall space in New York City to hang all my exes, but let me tell you, a lot of them were hung."

      He who was him would loooove that one lol! Samantha is my favorite and so is Patsy from Ab Fab the Marrakesh episode was my favorite- Patsy bent over in the desert in high heels and fancy clothes with her suitcase on her back lol!
      Mr. Big...hmmmm....Hamid?...didn't he say he was the Benz and bagels type?lol! I'll have to go back and check...does he smoke cigars?....he likes pure women though...but is he mr. BIG? Hamid-Don't shoot me lol! I'm already dead I think cuz apparently I was the pilot in the last movie we had......

      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Kendra


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        Re: Samantha lol!

        Note the word 'fiesty', not easy, 'fiesty' lol!


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          yes, it's really great . . I like it . . it's a nice theme for a women-evening at home with some friends . .


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            Girls how could you ?

            Why are you all after mister Big ? Are maso ? He treated Carrie lower than earth...he left her, went and married somebody else...he came back to ruin it for her when she at last found happiness...How cruel ? But it is true, all my friends are gaga, about Big hummm... lucky grand he is .

            Samatha naughty, but cute cute cute.


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              I am not after Mister Big ..

              What I like is, that the problems they have are really well known problems . .I mean, everybody knows some situations very well. .

              I can't say that I can identify myself with somebody .. maybe Carry, but I don't know ..


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