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'Harbor' by Lorraine Adams

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  • 'Harbor' by Lorraine Adams

    Algerian 'illegals' in the U.S.A. – ‘Harbor’ is a novel that examines the problems, perceptions and prejudices facing those viewed as being from ‘a suspect community’.

    "Aziz finally makes it to America on his third attempt, after nearly freezing to death in the hold of a tanker. A stowaway from Algeria, he joins a raggle-taggle ex-pat Algerian community in Boston. Some, like him, are illegals. Others, like his brother, have escaped the chaos and violence of their home country with a Green Card. All live on the distant margins of American society, trying to make a home for themselves among locals who baffle them.

    It comes as no surprise that many become involved in crime, only some of them unwittingly, and it is just a matter of time before the FBI's anti-terrorism division comes knocking down their door.

    Lorraine Adams, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, has already received awards and lavish praise for her debut in America. Her novel is now longlisted for the Orange prize, and demonstrates solid research and deep understanding of her subject, which she presents with objectivity and compassion.

    What works especially well is that her refugees are not simplistically presented as victims, but are complex people with complicated pasts, and who carry their personalities - be they tragic or lucky - wherever they go. A timely companion piece to Michael Winterbottom's film [/i]The Road to Guantánamo[/i]."

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