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The latest Algerian film: RACHIDA

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  • The latest Algerian film: RACHIDA

    Azul everyone,

    I saw a few days ago @ the Mouggar cinema (algiers) the latest Algerian film: Rachida. It is coming out in France on Jan 5 2003.

    Has anyone seen it hee too? If yes what did you think of it?

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    I've read about it in the newspaper..seems a very good one !! Hope we can see it soon in Egypt.


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      Hey Thamurth;

      I saw the film last week and I left the room with a feeling of dipear, as I realize that what KKK calls Junta is succeeding in their propaganda...i.e. disassociating themselves from the terror inlicted on the Algerian population. Terrorism is a political act of control, yet no political argument was raised clearly, that is who and why?
      I can only guess that the film has been edited.
      I was in the room with a bench of friends, and all were were astonished at seing the ambassador (political appointee) standing near Ms Bachir comment, add, correct,...edit..or censor (should I say), sometimes answering questions addressed to her. This was not done at the Algerian Ambassy, but in the theater of the hood.
      A guy who described himself as an Algerian American asked about the above, and he was told that his answer was political, and the film was about "how a person moves from from regular citizan to becoming a terrorist". Go figure !
      I do not like it when KKK uses the word Algerian generically, but I admit "He's right in many other ways !".
      I enjoyed the film though.


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