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Algeria is very rich in culture

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  • Algeria is very rich in culture

    I do not understand that a country like Algeria who has existed in so many civilisation ....we are talking a long long time ago ...has left the ART behind.
    Why is it ?
    Do we run away from anything that does not define us as
    muslim? or Arabs?
    or is it that too much ART = freedom of speech ?
    Even when you go to visit a museum there is nothing to see
    from the old cultures that were there there before the turkish.
    I think it is about time that we sould go beyond religion
    and embrasse our heritage
    we are all mix of peopole do not let them foul you open your mind and keep on searching
    i know that the Government does not make it easy cause most of them do not care....are not educated...
    And by embrassing the old culture life takes on a new meaning ....or gives us answers to a lot of questions.
    Anyway would like to see all of you getting involved with the art...keep on learning it is your right ...CLAIM IT!

    much love and understanding to all of you PEACE

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    are u algerian?
    where do u live now


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      Embracing art?

      I agree with you that everyone should embrace the arts but people have not been turning away from the arts it has been taken from us, so much of Algerian heritage culture and art has been stricken from history, it is amazing that what we have today is there at all. You talk about sticking to everything arab or muslim and this being a problem for embracing the arts perhaps if the other culture in Algeri was recognised just a little bit more thre would be some art to appreacite. What ia ma saying is that there is alot of art streaming from algeria it is just not being seen


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        tell me about this

        i am doing a project in my class about algeria and the sort of myths and stories they have. so i was wondering if you could like maybe have a short story or myth that you wouldnt mind giving to me or telling me about. this would really help me out alot cause i cant seem to find anything about it in the internet. if you can i really thank you in so many ways you dont know how much i need this.

        Thank you


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          is berber culture being ignored in Algeria ? from history lessons and museums too ? sorry ,could you please give me a light on that ?I'm interested in the influence of islamic cultures on the original countries' ...
          thank you ..


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            Azul shayma,

            Berber culture is not being ignored in Algeria. In fact you can encounter Algerian Berber culture even abroad with the songs from singers such as Idir, Ait Menguellet or Matoub Lounes. There are also many efforts in poetry and paintings. you can visit the biggest and oldest open air museum in the world in the Tassili Mountains in the Sahara desert (near the city of Djanet) which is also ancient Berber culture. And you can also find some Berber heritage in ancient Egypt. Did you know that the white crown of the pharaos was a berber symbol? The story of that crown is truely amazing


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              hello thamurth

     I didn't know the white crown was berber!! that's quite amazing , but what's the story of it ? I'd like to know it, if you have any information about this issue , please save me !! by the way , I adore Idir , his voice just comes from a very pure mountain and enters my heart right away ..where's he originally from (I mean hometown).
              you said , you have a gallery , is it an online gallery or a physical one? I'd like , if possible to exchange exhibit here algerians' art works and vice versa..what do you think? sorry I couldn't email you with that .it's not possible through the site.


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                azul shayma

                Azul shayma,

                I heard that the white crown was a practice started by Berber immigrants to the region (lower egypt). No one knows the exact origin of the Berbers. Some say we came from the Nordic areas and some say we were a semitic originally. Berbers have a fair skin (even lighter than southern europeans it seems) and it appears that it was a berber tradition in the region that the chief of the village would wear the white crown when receiving visitors for example to identify himself as the "chief of the white men" reference to the skin colour. There is a village in Egypt which still speaks Berber. I can't remember the name but I will look it up in the book where I read all this. It's called "les secrets de l'egypte" (secrets of egypt) and is writen by a french guy. Anyway after the unification of lower and higher egypt the pharaos started wearing the white and red crown together to symbolise the unity of the 2 people (berbers in the north and dark africans in the south). Later on when the romans arrived they took the tradition too back to Rome, and when they founded the institution of the church the pope began to use it as well...that's why the pope's pointy and opened hat is red and white (on the inside one colour and on the outside one colour)... the white comes from that tiny Berber village in Egypt thousands of years ago or so I heard I'll get to the book again and find out more detailed info on the whole story...

                Idir was born in the village of ait lahcene in my region in the kabylie.

                I didn't quite understand what gallery you were talking about? I have a relative who has a large collection and employs painters, but not me. I just have a small personal collection Or maybe I understood you wrong?


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                  Saeeda Thamurth

                  I think the little village you meant could be Siwa (an oasis)by the lybian boarders..there are amazigh there with siwi people.. I've heard also that berbers came from the Phoenicia originally ..and that the language is similar to phoenician & greek which is also derived from phoenician .. and yes I've seen berbers in Morocco , who've got very fair skin .features of princes , I could say..
                  but lower egypt has received people from varied places , from the near east ,north africa , meditranian islands & europe's a very open place, more than the south..
                  I'm sure you know about the scorpion king who was a great powerful king before the union of the north and south , could he be berber ?
         , you understood me right about the gallery , I thought you were the one who has it. anyways , if you like the idea , tell your relative about it ..but does he employ painters or sells their paintings?


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                    Hi shayma

                    Azul shaima,

                    Hi shaima...yes it could well be Siwa. Sorry but even though I am very interested in Egyptian history because it is mentioned in the Coran, I am not that knowledgeable....I think I need to visit it one day.

                    Thanks for the info on the Berber origins. I haden't heard of Phoenician origins before. It could be that we originate from that area, but I don't think from Phoenicia itself since our arrival in North Africa dates back to around -4000 BC. We were always taught that the first Phoenicians immigrants here came around 800 BC by sea and developed into Carthaginians.

                    I didn't know about the Scorpion King. Perhaps he could be Berber but I don't have a clue to tell you the truth

                    I'll ask him if would like to exchange paintings. He employs several full time painters within his premices since the 1990's. Artists situation became catastrophic when oil prices collapsed in 86 and since many of them have been struggling to make a living here you know. So he employs them and they paint for him. They paint on both ceramics and canvas. He sells some of the paintings but his aim is to build a very large collection and expose them to the public ultimately. So he might be interested in yours


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                      my information about the scorpion king is not a lot better than yours , as they only found one document mentioning him in Suhag, telling how king Mena or Aminophis of the south defeated him and united the two know the habit of ancient kings of destroying all what mentioned the kings before them!!!+ it's really too ancient no written history yet existed at that time .I could be mistaking though , it's been quite a while since I've read that book. (than mena defeated scorpion king& not another)
                      well about the Phoenicians , I've read that in the book about Morocco before I went there ,it's supposed to be written by a specialist ...anyways, should search for more information about the berbers .
                      of course you're most welcomed here if you decided to pay us a visit.


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